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What is an Engineer’s Favorite Food?

Written By: Ken Tinnell

August 29th, 2014

Engineers like barbecueWith Labor Day weekend upon us, I asked our robotics team about their favorite food. From the results, it seems they are very carnivorous! See the full survey and enjoy a great grilling recipe from one of our engineers.

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4 Signs a Small- to Mid-Sized Company Needs Order Fulfillment Automation

Written By: Stefanie Hardy

August 25th, 2014

Perfect Pick system at BHFOYou don’t need a giant distribution center rivaling Amazon or Wal-Mart to benefit from automation. These days, small and medium retailers are competing with the big boys by investing in scalable technologies. Here are 4 signs you’re ready for automation.

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How to Create a Better Warehouse Layout

Written By: Alex Prichodko

August 20th, 2014

Better warehouse layoutsIt is important that a warehouse has enough space to operate efficiently. However, it may be even more important that the space is laid out in a way that optimizes the warehouse’s abilities. Here is a 4-step process used by our consulting team to create the best facility layout.

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6 Popular Applications for the Hytrol EZLogic System

Written By: Jim Sutherin

August 14th, 2014

Hytrol EZLogic ConveyorHytrol’s EZLogic® conveyor is a versatile product, capable of filling many applications. However, are you aware of everything you can program EZLogic® eyes and modules to do? If not, take a look at 6 common applications and features of Hytrol’s EZLogic® conveyor, as well as explanations for each setting.

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5 Communication Tips for Better Project Implementation

Written By: Liz Herrington

August 12th, 2014

Communication tipsDuring a project implementation, it’s important to speak the same “language” as your customer. Certain terms might having different meanings as you switch from an old system or software to a new one, so it’s critical to ensure everyone is on the same page. Here are 5 tips to ensure good communication and a successful project implementation.

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