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Robotics Machine Trending & Deburring

Robotic Machine Tending & Deburring

This customer's facility had 3 existing CNC machines and required an efficient way to introduce a fourth. Bastian Robotics developed a robotic system solution to service all four machines and greatly increase operational efficiency and throughput.  

Machine Tending & Deburring

Key Technologies

  • FANUC R-2000iB 165kg Machine Tending Robot with R30iB controller
  • Integrated robotic cable management system
  • FANUC  Soft Float option allows compliance between robot and machine tool fixtures while loading parts
  • Allen Bradley 1768-L4xS Compact GuardLogix® Controller used to control cell and cell safety
  • Custom Part Gripping End of Arm Tool with 2 parallel grippers used to handle 30 pound parts
  • Custom Bastian Slat Conveyor used to feed raw parts to robot and take finished parts from cell
  • Robotic verification of part machining, followed by deburring of machined surfaces utilizing axially compliant fixed-mount deburring tool
  • System interfaces with multiple CNC machine manufacturers

See the results

  • Machine tending robot was added to service all four CNC machines and greatly increased efficiency
  • CNC machine utilization increased by at least 25%
  • Daily throughput was increased by nearly 350 parts per day and more than 80,000 parts per year
  • Improved operator ergonomics
  • Accumulation allows for 20 minutes of unattended run time


  • part-handling-4
  • part-handling-3
  • part-handling-2
  • part-handling
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  • deburring-close-up

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