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DICK'S Sporting Goods
Conklin, New York


DICK’S Sporting Goods Wins with Hometown Distribution Center

Dick’s Sporting Goods, a leading sporting goods retailer, partnered with Bastian Solutions to improve order fulfillment speed and accuracy at their omni-channel distribution center in Conklin, NY. This facility is the company’s fifth nationally with 650,000 square feet of space, 7.7 miles of conveyor, and servicing up to 160 stores.


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DICK'S Sporting Goods

Key Technologies

  • Exacta Automated Order Routing
  • Pick-to-light devices at picking stations
  • Put To Light
  • Cognex camera label scanners
  • 38,000 ft+ of Hytrol conveyor
  • Hytrol Prosort and pivot wheel sortation conveyors
  • 4 3M semi-auto tapers
  • FMH accumulating extendable conveyors
  • Automated stretchwrappers
order picking

See the results

  • 20% of product received is back stock – instead of sending these through the receiving sorter and clogging the system, they are immediately separated as they come in the door – increasing receiving sorter efficiency by that 20%. “peel off back stock”
  • 182 lanes of pallet flow rack for staging outgoing store shipments, increasing vertical space usage and eliminating need for additional expansion
  • Utilized gap and store, or reverse accumulation to improve conveyability of wide product mix.
  • Cognex camera label scanners improved read rate from 85% to over 98%. More labels being scanned correctly means more product flows to the correct destinations. 
Order Put Wall


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  • Dicks_sporting_goods_warehouse_conklin_NY_panorama_conveyor-thumb

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