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Supercharged Pack Station Upgrade

MSC is one of the nation's largest distributors specializing in supplies, tools, and equipment for small and medium-size customers in the manufacturing and metalworking industries.

With over 500,000 SKU's and next day shipment on orders, an efficient pack out process was vital to MSC's business operations. Based on the successful implementation of the MSC facilities in Harrisburg, PA and Reno, NV, upgrades also occurred at the Elkart, IN and Atlanta, GA facilities.


Key Technologies

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30% increase in throughput for the pack stations

45% more pack stations without having to expand the existing pack mezzanine

95% increase in tote accumulation for the pack lanes

Based on the successful implementation the MSC facilities in Harrisburg, PA and Reno, NV, other facilities will undergo similar upgrades

Photos of our solution

  • msc-800x45076869BD1529F4E0809104E2D
  • msc-conveyor-merge
  • msc-totes-on-conveyors
  • msc-tote-routing-conveyor-system
  • totes-routing-msc
  • tote-on-conveyor-msc

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