Bastian Solutions Case Studies

AAP - St. Mary's Case Study

AAP - St. Mary's

Bastian Rolls Out a Labor Reducing Solution at AAP St. Mary's.

See AAP Case Study

Accurate Dispersions Case Study

Accurate Dispersions

Accurate Dispersions Automates End of Line Packaging

See Accurate Dispersions

ACH Milan

ACH Milan

ACH Milan Revs Up Production with an Improved Fuel Tank Covenyor Line

See ACH Milan

Aeroquip Case Study


Aeroquip Slashes Order Fulfillment Cycle Time by 40%

See Aeroquip Case Study

Amtrak Case Study


Improving On-Time Part Delivery Leads to Faster Maintenance Cycles at Amtrak

See Amtrak Case Study

Amway - Ada, MI Case Study

Amway - Ada, MI

New Material Handling System Allows Amway to Streamline Operations & Improve Customer Service

See Amway - Ada, MI

Amway - Santa Fe Springs, CA Case Study

Amway - Santa Fe Springs, CA

Amway’s Daily Carton Processing Increases by 27% with New Material Handling System

See Amway - CA Case Study

Asian Paints Case Study

Asian Paints

Phase 1: Rohtak Automation Program

See Asian Paints

AT&T Case Study


Learn how order fulfillment technologies can improve your operations and customer satisfaction.

See AT&T Case Study

Berry (Kerr) Plastics

Berry (Kerr) Plastics

Helping Berry (Kerr) Update Manual Processes to Reduce Labor Costs

See Berry (Kerr) Plastics

B&H Photo Case Study

B&H Photo

B&H Uses Quiet Conveyor on the Retail Store Floor

See B&H Photo

Becton, Dickinson & Co. Case Study

Becton, Dickinson & Co.

BD Sorts Medical Supplies at 200 Cartons/Minute in a New Automated Mid-West Distribution Center

See Becton, Dickinson & Co.

The Boeing Company

The Boeing Company

This spar form cell was engineered for The Boeing Company,the leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners.

See The Boeing Company

Cabela's Case Study


Cabela’s Hits Heavy Seasonal Demand for Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts

See Cabela's

Cambium Learning Case Study

Cambium Learning

State-of-the-Art Educational Materials Distribution Center

See Cambium Learning

Cargill Case Study


Dual Line Infeed Palletizing Operation at Cargill's Turkey Facility

See Cargill

Central Power Systems Case Study

Central Power Systems

Positioning Central Power Systems for Future Growth in a New Distribution Center

See Central Power Systems

Chelsea Milling Case Study

Chelsea Milling

Robotic Palletizing & Shipping Orders in a Jiffy with Automated Distribution System

See Chelsea Milling

Chrysler Motors Case Study

Chrysler Motors

Providing Robotic Machine Tending to a Tempering Furnace at Chrysler

See Chrysler Motors

C&H Sugar Case Study

C&H Sugar

C&H Sugar Upgrades Their AS/RS Exacta WMS & WCS Software

See C&H Sugar

Conair Case Study


Conair's High Speed Full Case Fulfillment System

See Conair

Covance Case Study


Kit Building for Clinical Trials Reaches Growth Goals with an Automated Facility

See Covance

CitiTrends Case Study


Fashion Fast and Accurate with Pick to Light

See CitiTrends Case Study

Dual Line Infeed Palletizing Operation at Cargill's Turkey Facility


Doctors Foster & Smith Case Study

Doctors Foster & Smith

Drs. Foster & Smith (DFS) Consolidates Big Bulky Products for Final Shipment

See Doctors Foster & Smith

Crown, Cork and Seal Case Study

Crown, Cork and Seal

Dual Line Infeed Palletizing Operation at Cargill's Turkey Facility

See Crown, Cork and Seal

Epson Case Study


Dual Line Infeed Palletizing Operation at Cargill's Turkey Facility

See Epson

Fresenius Case Study


Dual Line Infeed Palletizing Operation at Cargill's Turkey Facility

See Fresenius

Elsevier Case Study


Elsevier improves warehouse space utilization and reduces labor with Bastian Solutions.

See Elsevier

GameStop Case Study


Dual Line Infeed Palletizing Operation at Cargill's Turkey Facility

See GameStop

Garmin Case Study


Navigating the Way by Decreasing Manual Processes and Maximizing Employee Efficiency

See Garmin

Fruit of the Loom Case Study

Fruit of the Loom

Positioning Fruit of the Loom for Maximum Flexibility and Future Growth

See Fruit of the Loom

Gardner Case Study


Bastian Helps Gardiner Reduce Dock-to-Stock Time by 50%

See Gardner

Houston Johnson Case Study

Houston Johnson

Houston Johnson Sequences Key Components to Ford Plant

See Houston Johnson

Graphic Packaging Case Study

Graphic Packaging

Bastian Provides Unique Palletizing Solution for Graphic Packaging

See Graphic Packaging

Greenlee Case Study


140 Years of Quality Electrical Tools Hits the Fast Lane

See Greenlee

Japanese Food Corporation Case Study

Japanese Food Corporation

Growing Demand for Asian Cuisine Prompts JFC International to Build a New “State of the Art” DC

See Japanese Food Corp .

Hussman Case Study


Hussman Increases the 'Fruits of their Labor' with a Paced Food Display Cooler Assembly Line

See Hussman

iHerb Rockwell Bastian Solutions Case Study

iHerb - Hebron, Kentucky

Pick-to-order material handling solution improves labor efficiency 300% compared to legacy system.

See iHerb Case Study

International Paper Case Study

International Paper

State-of-the-Art”Educational Materials Distribution Center

See International Paper

King's Hawaiian Case Study

King's Hawaiian

King's Hawaiian Bakery Doubles Throughput with Robotic Palletizing and Freezer Deep Lane AS/RS

See King's Hawaiian

Johnson Controls Case Study

Johnson Controls - Middletown, DE

Reducing Operational Costs & Improving Ergonomic Conditions with a New Robotic Palletizing System

See Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls - Toledo Case Study

Johnson Controls - Toledo

Automated Battery Palletiizing With Ease

See Johnson Controls

Melaleuca Case Study


Using PictureView™ “Pick-to-Display” to Set New Records in Each Picking

See Melaleuca

Mary Kay Case Study

Mary Kay

Maximizing Labor Utilization and Productivity at Mary Kay's Mississauga Facility

See Mary Kay

McCormick Case Study


Reducing Operational Costs and Improving Efficiency with a Full Layer Robotic Palletizing System

See McCormick

Navarre Case Study


Pick to Voice Enables Efficient Entertainment Media and Software Distribution

See Navarre

Monoprice Case Study


Dual Line Infeed Palletizing Operation at Cargill's Turkey Facility

See Monoprice

MSC Case Study


Supercharged Pack Station Upgrade


Qatar Foundation Case Study

Qatar Foundation

Dual Line Infeed Palletizing Operation at Cargill's Turkey Facility

See Qatar Foundation

Pepsi CVA Case Study

Pepsi CVA

Distributor builds mixed pallets at 1,500 cases per hour and becomes ASN compliant

See Pepsi CVA

Rexam Case Study


Automated Injection Molding with AGVs and Robotic Carousels

See Rexam

Roark Welding & Engineering Case Study

Roark Welding & Engineering

Roark improves warehouse picking through purchase of used AR/RS Crane.

See Roark

Prime Distribution Services Case Study

Prime Distribution Services

Prime Distribution Services Achieves Picking Productivity and Accuracy Goals

See Prime Distribution Svcs

S. Abraham & Sons Case Study

S. Abraham & Sons

Convenience Store Automated Distribution System

See S. Abraham & Sons

Shaklee Case Study


Shaklee Increases Efficiency with Pick to Light System

See Shaklee

Roche Diagnostics Case Study

Roche Diagnostics

Roche Sets New Productivity Records in their Indianapolis Facility

See Roche Diagnostics

Sanofi-Aventis Case Study


Getting the Flu Vaccinations Out Helps Keep America Healthy

See Sanofi-Aventis

Technicolor Case Study


Automated System Allows Technicolor to Ship Billions of CDs and DVDs Annually

See Technicolor

Saginaw Control & Engineering Case Study

Saginaw Control & Engineering

Chain Driven Line Roller Feeds Saginaw’s Robotic Press Brake

See Saginaw

Hudson's Bay Case Study

Hudson's Bay

North America's oldest retailer


Stampin' Up! Case Study

Stampin' Up!

Keeping the World Beautiful, One Rubber Stamp at a Time

See Stampin' Up!

VA ABC Case Study


Bastian Solutions Provides A Spirited Solution to VA ABC


SMC Case Study


SMC Consolidates and Streamlines Operations to Meet Customer Demands


Trace Die Cast Case Study

Trace Die Cast

Automating Trace Die Cast's Machine Tending Process

See Trace Die Castl

Tower Automotive Case Study

Tower Automotive

Bastian Designs a Flagship Component Feed System for New Nissan Assembly Line in Smyrna, Tennessee

See Tower Automotive

Westcoast Warehousing Case Study

Westcoast Warehousing

Bastian Helps Westcoast Warehousing Improve Picking Operations with PTL

See Westcoast Warehousing

Wawona Case Study


Delivering a Streamlined Packing Solution to California Fruit Business

See Wawona

Zimmer Case Study


Making Sure the Right Hip Goes In!

See Zimmer

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