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Supply Chain Explained Live: Webinar Series

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Bastian Solutions’ Supply Chain Explained: LIVE webinar series has helped supply chain professionals across a broad spectrum of industries make informed decisions about their operations. This year has brought many unprecedented changes, but our experts are ready to tackle the tough questions as your trusted partner in supply chain system integration.

Each webinar focuses on one topic, with more details available below: ecommerce, wholesale B2B, cold chain, and micro-fulfillment. Sign up for the topics that interest you, or watch all four. 



Hyper-Local Fulfillment 101: Permanent Changes in Buyer Behavior

ahaines-squareAlex Haines - Business Development Consultant

Fulfillment was regional, then it was local, now it's hyper-local. Buying patterns were changing, only to be accelerated by COVID-19. These permanent behavior changes are forcing supply chains to evolve at rapid pace. Join this webinar to learn about the challenges of hyper-local, micro-fulfillment and how organizations are managing through this change.


Overnight Changes in Buying Patterns: Retailers, Brands, and Ecommerce

mkuper-squareMatt Kuper - Director, National Accounts

Beginning at the start of the pandemic, retailers watched ecommerce direct-to-consumer and direct-to-store replenishment increase significantly. With the supply chain disruptions, this also meant consideration for keeping more inventory in stock and remaining nimble in the ever-changing consumer market. Add to that the need to maintain social distancing, many companies are realizing automation is necessary to maintain both required service levels and a profit – but what kind of automation? This webinar will walk through these challenges and our experts’ best advice for tackling them.


Operational Changes That Will Transform Your B2B Warehouse

jtenorioJason Tenorio - Director, Consulting

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a dramatic change in traditional B2B warehousing operations.  Wholesalers who customarily fulfill large store replenishment orders are being asked to add capabilities to ship smaller, direct-to-consumer orders as traditional retail declines. We will discuss the operational changes you can make while maintaining the traditional B2B capabilities, safety guidelines, uptime and customer satisfaction.


Breaking the Ice on Cold Storage Automation

RHumphry-squareRobert Humphry - Manager, Systems Sales

Automating a cold storage operation has common considerations such as operational requirements, technology selection, and building style. Don’t let these areas slip your mind and leave you exposed to high operational and labor costs that come with a cold storage facility. This webinar will discuss the best course of action when automating your cold storage operation.