In the News: Top 20 Material Handling System Suppliers in 2017

by Stefanie Hardy | May 14, 2018

Across the globe, the industry achieved record-smashing growth.

Top 20 Systems IntegratorsFor the first time in its 21 years, Modern’s Top 20 Systems Suppliers list shows universal revenue growth among the top players, including five that grew more than 25%. Following annual increases of 3.5% and 6%, the list’s combined revenues surged 16.5% in 2017.

Norm Saenz, managing director at St. Onge Co., says momentum continues to build.

“There were large increases in investment in 2017, which also increased over previous years,” Saenz says. “There’s a focus on investing in tactical systems (i.e. additional pick locations, put-walls, etc.), driven by massive e-commerce growth. Among retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, the operational tweaks made to address e-commerce are no longer enough to handle the continued growth, making technology investment a must for many.”

Saenz adds that companies are also readying their supply chains to support a “digital transformation” intended to improve the effectiveness of their logistics with real-time data. For many, he says, this transformation requires investments in automated equipment, bar coding/scanners, RFID, warehouse control/execution systems (WCS/WES) and more.

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