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2020 Internship Program

Shelby Shay | 13 August 2020

Ever wondered what Bastian Solutions interns are up to during their programs?
Bastian Solutions makes every effort to ensure each intern goes back to school or out into the industry with valuable skills necessary for success.

From controls to software and systems, our interns had a diverse experience this year, and even with the challenges presented with COVID-19, they each flourished and brought great value to our teams!

Check out what a few of them had to say as the program wrapped up:

Nathan Petrie, Controls Intern

"The experience I gained onsite was unparalleled with any experience I had had before and further solidified that I had made the right choice in industry. Bastian Solutions truly gave me the opportunity to try things out and succeed by placing a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. However, that responsibility never caused me stress - there was always an engineer there to help me out if needed. I was tasked with troubleshooting PLC logic, communicating issues with the customer, working on the human machine interface (HMI), observing the system after go-live, answering the electricians’ questions, and just getting to know how things worked."

Will Weisbrod, Systems Intern

"This experience, along with all my engineering knowledge gained from working for Bastian Solutions’ systems team will help me to further my career as a future engineer. After working here for quite some time, I feel accustomed to the office environment and the encouraging culture that Bastian Solutions has offered me. I now understand the ins and outs of project lifecycles, material handling integration, and several other key concepts and skills that are vital to becoming successful in my field. These are many things that, I would say, have made this a very successful internship."

Sam Blasingame, Engineering Intern

"These internships have really evolved my level of understanding pertaining to processes, production, manufacturing, and how companies operate. Moving into my future career after I graduate, I am thankful for the opportunity to learn about all these topics as they will directly apply to what I want to do post-graduation. My plan is to work in production or manufacturing so having this knowledge moving forward will be priceless. I also believe that learning how a business operates is crucial to any future graduate."

Andy Hohenberger, Mechanical Design Intern

"For the past two summers I’ve interned with Bastian Solutions as a mechanical design engineer intern at the robotics division. My role on the design team has given me invaluable experience and has helped me develop marketable skills. I want to share my experiences to help give future interns a better understanding of the Bastian Solutions internship program and what you should keep in mind to make the most of the opportunity. Look to your colleagues for guidance but take ownership of your tasks and work to provide the best solutions possible."


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Author: Shelby Shay

Shelby is the HR Manager at Bastian Solutions. She started as the talent acquisition manager in 2011, and moved into her current role in 2017. Shelby attended the University of Iowa and has been leading the way in many innovative human resources efforts for more than 14 years. 


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