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Conveyor pricing tool

4 Simple Reasons to Try Our New Online Conveyor Pricing Tool

Greg Conner | 04 August 2015

With our newly launched e-commerce store, purchasing agents, industrial engineers, and maintenance technicians can configure, price and purchase conveyor online.

As e-commerce sales continue to rise, more and more of that growth is coming from industrial products and business services, whether it’s the newly rebranded Amazon Business or conventional equipment providers such as Grainger and Global Industrial. In response, Bastian Solutions decided to re-design and improve our online equipment store. Our goal was simple – to create a platform that allows end users the ability to move beyond the conventional, and often times very slow, sales process. We set out to build a tool that purchasing agents, industrial engineers, and maintenance technicians could rely on for faster, easier procurement of conveyor. Although we hope you elect to buy from Bastian Solutions, it isn’t a requirement to use our conveyor configurator and pricing tool. There are no prompts requiring phone numbers, email addresses or blood types. The tool is available for everyone. So why should you use it? Here are four simple reasons:

1. Quickly obtain the information you need without picking up the phone

For many engineers and purchasing managers, picking up the phone to request pricing is time consuming and frustrating, especially if you already know what you need and don’t require the help of a sales person. Our conveyor configurator doesn’t take breaks and works 24 hours per day including holidays. With our conveyor configurator and pricing tool, you can compare conveyor models, configure them to your needs, price the equipment and then purchase online or create a quote. It’s quick, easy, and painless.

2. Compare and price various options and add-ons

When you know the conveyor model you need, but want to compare the price difference on various options, you can use the tool to determine which options best fit your budget. This could include belt width, motor type, guardrail, conveyor speed, etc. You can easily add and remove these selections to see how they affect your total cost.

Choose conveyor options

3. Create a quote to review with your manager

If you’re tasked with sourcing several quotes, it can be time consuming to call and explain your project to multiple companies. With our conveyor pricing tool, we want to give you the power to configure your conveyor, complete with all options, and then print or share the quote as needed. You get all the information you need right away.

View conveyor price quote

4. More precise planning and budgeting

Bastian Solutions is often times engaged by customers who have already begun the initially planning for their projects. There are lots of valid reasons for not wanting to engage an integrator at the onset of a project; such as the project is not yet approved, the project may be confidential in nature, etc. However, our experience is that sometimes these customers can get all the way to the point of having approved budgets that are based upon loose, inaccurate rules of thumb. The Bastian Solutions conveyor configurator is a great tool which can help avoid this. Instead of utilizing high level estimations based on historical prorated pricing, we encourage our clients (that are not ready to engage our team directly) to utilize our conveyor configurator. This tool allows our customers to design and price systems. As the project gains steam, our team is ready to jump in and help.

Conveyor system pricing

In addition to the pricing tool, most conveyor model webpages have a downloadable spec sheet, images and other media to help you make the best selection for your project. And of course, we do have a staff of engineers ready to answer any questions you might have. If you’re configuring your product and need assistance, you can always open a chat window, send us an email, or give us a call. The conveyor pricing tool is located on each of our conveyor product pages. If you would like to try it, below are links to a few of our available products:

Author: Greg Conner

I joined Bastian Solutions in 2005 after graduating from Purdue University. My first role was as a project engineer before transitioning to a field application engineer. After seven years, I became regional director of Indiana, overseeing all local FAEs as well as Bastian Solutions’ e-commerce business. In 2016, I was promoted to Vice President, Eastern U.S. where I oversaw sales and operations for all Eastern U.S. offices. In 2019, I was promoted to Vice President of Global Sales, now overseeing international operations and global marketing.


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