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5 Ergonomic Products Employees Will Love

Sarah Fronczak | 24 February 2016

As we wrap up the month of love and get even farther into 2016, maybe you’re asking yourself, “What can I do for my employees to make 2016 even better for them?” One place to start is ergonomics. The great news is there are a handful of products that are relatively low cost and high reward to get started. If you found this article chances are you have already done some searching on ergonomics and you know there are big benefits. A great article from Mark Middlesworth at Ergonomics Plus highlights the biggest benefits of investing in ergonomics:
  • Ergonomics reduces costs – Reducing ergonomic risk factors, prevents expensive musculoskeletal injuries and workers compensation claims.
  • Ergonomics improves productivity – A job that allows for good posture, less exertion, fewer motions and better heights and reaches, is safer and more efficient.
  • Ergonomics improves quality – Frustrated and fatigued workers don’t do their best work, but this can be avoided by make their job process more comfortable and less taxing.
  • Ergonomics improves employee engagement – Employees who do not experience pain and discomfort during the work day are happier and more engaged, leading to reduced turnover and absenteeism.
  • Ergonomics creates a better safety culture – Your company’s commitment to safety and health is apparent to employees, so investing in ergonomic products shows you value your employees and the job they do.
Now that we know providing ergonomic solutions for your employees is beneficial, let’s take a look at a few products that can get you started on creating an ergonomic work space. 1. Anti-Fatigue mats – A very underutilized solution; standing or walking for an entire shift is tough on the legs and back, but anti-fatigue mats provide much needed cushioning and support. 2. Pallet Positioners – This product reduces the amount of bending and lifting employees need to do by automatically adjusting to an ergonomic picking height. In addition to holding pallets that weight up to 4,500 pounds, it can freely rotate a pallet 360 degrees, allowing the employee to stay in one place while loading and unloading a pallet. 3. Steel Stair Hand Truck – How many times have you seen someone struggling to go up and down stairs with a “standard” handtruck? It is not an easy task. This product has a unique tandem triple wheel assembly that aids in going up and down the stairs. 4. Industrial Carts – This might seem like an easy one. But many employees are picking up items, carrying, and then placing them in another location. Why not look at the wide range of options available to help with transporting product and cartons. 5. Portable Powered Carts – One step further would be taking the workstation (label machine, printer, scanner, etc) with the employee, essentially eliminating the need for back and forth motion to the workstation and product. If you are looking for ways to improve safety, productivity, employee morale, or all of the above, ergonomic products can be an inexpensive way to get started. So not only will your employees love them, but you will, too.

Author: Sarah Fronczak

Sarah Fronczak is an eCommerce Account Manager at Bastian Solutions. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. Sarah has focused on Applications and Sales Engineering throughout her career so she can blend her technical background with interacting directly with all types of people with an ultimate goal of providing excellent customer service to help others perform their job more efficiently.




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