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The Intangible Benefits of Used Equipment

January 17, 2013
Used automation equipment is seen by some as too risky an investment, and by others, as an easy way to save a project's budget while still getting all of the hardware they desire. Like all projects, there are pros and cons to used or refurbished equipment, but when the opportunity for used automation presents itself, it is worth the time to closely examine it as an option...

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Automation Proposal

December 05, 2012
You spent years trying to get this new automation project in the budget, and you just found out it's been approved!  So after months of planning, you've developed a detailed bid specification for what this project requires, and you've released a detailed RFQ. You might think all the hard work is behind you, but you're actually just getting started. Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right automation proposal... Read the Full Article

Material Handling Automation in Brazil: New Rules for a Changing Market

August 27, 2012
Brazil, and South America in general, is a very good market as it is expanding, resourceful, demographically buoyant, and with increasing rates of population entering the middle and upper classes, boosting consumption; however, many business models are about to change as this occurs, mainly due to labor cost’s rapid increase... Read More >>

3 Technologies Driving Efficiency Gains in the Medical Service Industry (and Shortening Hospital Visits)

August 22, 2012
While waiting for all the materials to come together from various locations to assemble the cast for my son's leg, I began analyzing the logistics management required to ensure the proper materials are available when needed throughout the hospital..

Automation: Not Always About the Dollars, But Always About the Sense!

June 21, 2012
When considering why some manufacturing and distribution companies have implemented automated material handling systems , you often hear of financial statements including a solid Return of Investment (ROI), prompt Payback Period, or Strong Internal Rate of Return (IRR) . While it cannot be debated that the financial justification for an automation project is very important, financial evaluation alone should not be the only criteria when considering whether to automate . Here are 10 additional benefits to justify automation... Read More >>

Synergy of Information and Material Handling Automation is Key in Supply Chain Management

May 08, 2012
The benefits of timely and accurate information in the supply chain are the driving force behind automation, but to achieve meaningful automation, the automation of material handling and the automation of information should go hand in hand. Business is ever changing and competition is always increasing, but the companies that can properly harness the power of automation in their supply chains will thrive into the future... Continue Reading >>

2012 World Ag Expo, Material Handling Automation, and Helping our Veterans

March 09, 2012
Recently, I attended the World Ag Expo at the International Agri-Center in Tulare, California. It is the largest trade show of farm and agricultural equipment and associated products in the world, and because it is held outdoors, very large equipment can be brought in for attendees to view--from tractors nearly two stories tall, to the smallest of nozzles used in irrigation...

Is Leasing an Option for Automating Your Distribution Center?

March 01, 2012
Leasing larger, higher priced equipment is a very common practice for all sorts of companies, large and small. This makes sense because there are many benefits to doing so...
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