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A Thank You to Essential Businesses and Personnel

30 March 2020

In the current pandemic state, many companies are shifting their common processes to those that will better help their communities though the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Bastian Solutions may not be able to make masks or help deliver life-saving materials directly, we are very proud to be assisting clients who can do these things.

Without the world of supply chain – truck drivers, factory employees, maintenance crews and retail workers, just to name a few – the country would have an even harder time finding toilet paper than they are now. Jokes aside, without these people, our world might, figuratively, stop turning.

To shed some light on just why the supply chain is so important, we’ve rounded up a few amazing examples of clients who are going above and beyond:

  • An Ohio-based fitness equipment company is aggressively hiring, boosting wages and has shifted all production to medical supplies. Their product team is working solely on masks, gowns and ventilators along with prioritizing all raw materials and components for medical supplies.
  • A New Jersey-based medical device company has moved all significant efforts into clinical trials for a COVID-19 vaccine and processes for distribution of the vaccine once it is available.
  • A Switzerland-based pharmaceutical company, who has many locations in the United States, has received FDA approval to mass produce COVID-19 test kits, and were able to ship 13,000 test kits as of March 13, 2020.
  • Another pharmaceutical company based in Indianapolis has begun offering drive-through COVID-19 testing for all local health care employees.
  • A Michigan-based health and beauty company has partnered with a local distillery to produce hand sanitizer, and another local wine and spirits distributor has donated trucks and drivers to deliver the sanitizer.  

We are proud and honored to be associated with each of these companies and remain here to support them and the many others working hard to provide medical supplies, food and essential products during this tough time.

Although these companies are doing amazing things, it is the people working behind the scenes that deserve our gratitude the most. Without every single essential person in the supply chain, our country would suffer much worse through this pandemic.

From all of us at Bastian Solutions, we want to say thank you to everyone working behind the scenes to help us all get through this challenging time—from truck drivers and production workers, to medical professionals and first responders as well as our own employees doing their best to keep our clients operations running smoothly.

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