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Bastian Material Handling is a proud sponsor of the 2010 LogistXGames!

We’re all about having fun here at Bastian. While some may not think there is much fun to be had in a warehouse, we beg to differ. That is why we were quick to offer our full support to the LogistXGames, a unique annual competition that promotes logistics and aims to generate a “buzz” about the importance of this industry. Think you’re up to the task? Then consider pulling a team together and competing in these demanding events: • Pallet Puzzle Sprint. Three-person teams each take 36 different-sized corrugated boxes from floor locations, assemble them, and stack them on a pallet. The first team to finish wins. • Pallet Jack Relay. Three-person teams compete in a timed pallet jack relay race through an obstacle course while keeping the boxes on the pallet. • Pick/Pack Hurdle. Three-person teams move boxes from the pallet to a warehouse racking system while memorizing positioning and SKUs in a timed race. • Forklift Marathon. Drivers pick up a pallet containing four small boxes and maneuver the load through an obstacle course to place it on a trailer at the opposite end of the course. • Box Put. During the Pallet Puzzle Sprint event, teams will have packed one box with fragile, bottled liquid items (bottles of Kentucky bourbon, in the event we watched) using packaging material they select from a predetermined list of options. During the Box Put event, one team member throws the box for distance and accuracy without breaking the contents. The competitions this year will be held in three cities: Indianapolis, IN, Cincinnati, OH and Louisville, KY. Eight teams from each city will compete, with the top three from each city advancing to the finals in Louisville. These games are a great time, but they also serve a higher purpose. The LogistXGames are a great opportunity for companies to build employee pride, establish teamwork principles, reinforce the safety standards vital to the industry and interact with other companies in the area. The Winners of this competition will take home the coveted “Golden Pallet” award. The date for the Cincinnati LogistXGames is June 17th, 2010 in Prologis Park. The dates for the Indianapolis and Louisville games are still being finalized – check back here for details! Click here to watch an exciting video from last year’s event! Posted by Carolyn Manco on 6/3/2010

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