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How High Can I Build My Pallet Flow Rack?

December 28, 2015
While there is no one-size-fits-all answer for how high pallet flow rack can go, let’s look at the major variables that are taken into consideration when designing a racking system for pallet flow. Read: How High Can I Build My Pallet Flow Rack?

Top 10 Forklift Safety Tips in the Material Handling Industry

June 03, 2013
Each year, roughly 25 percent of forklift-related deaths are caused by an overturned forklift, and other forklift truck accidents lead to significant injuries and damage--most completely avoidable. To reduce the risk of accidents, here are the top ten tips for increasing forklift safety... Continue Reading >>

How to Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

June 07, 2012
The creators of Nedpack vertical conveyor went through six steps to reduce the total cost of ownership on their machines to make them more affordable and easier to maintain. Here are the steps they took and how they can help you create products with reduced cost of ownership or help you find the best technology for your facility. Read More >>
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24-Volt DC Conveyors: External Drives vs. MDR

March 22, 2012
Just a few years ago, the material handling industry thought 24-volt conveyors had to be driven via a small, high RPM motor with gearing assembly, all fitted within the tube of a drive roller; thus, the term motor driven roller (MDR). In recent years, however, a new technology has come along offering a much different solution. This new technology utilizes a 24-volt motor mounted external to the roller rather than inside, and it offers several advantages... Continue Reading >>

Vectura ASRS Stacker Crane Offers System Flexibility

January 04, 2012
Imagine a warehouse in which rows of full pallets could be stacked up to 165 feet in the air, one on top of another, on top of another. Then, with the ease and grace of a high quality machine, one of those pallets--weighing as much as 6,600 lbs--is gently lifted from its storage space and quickly brought to a worker at ground level. This is the amazing world of automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS). These automated systems have been perfected through the use of Swisslog stacker cranes. These cranes swiftly transfer pallets, containers, and even cars from storage slots within the ASRS to a pickup station outside the system... Read More >>

Comparing Modular Construction vs. Stick-Built Construction

December 02, 2011
When expanding your facility, one key decision is the choice between modular construction and traditional stick-built or “hard” construction. Some of the typical considerations when making this choice are cost, lead time, and code requirements. While this is a good starting point, there are other things to consider. Let’s look at the following as a guide to help you compare the two building methods and their benefits... Read More >>
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