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Data Analysis - Time Consuming, but Vital

Jason Tenorio | 12 March 2020

“Garbage in, garbage out”; that’s the typical mantra for simulation and consulting studies as it relates to the quality of the inputs and the resultant quality of the outputs.  We at Bastian Solutions are passionate about solving problems and objectively determining the optimal, best-in-breed solution for our clients.  We painstakingly analyze volumes of line-level, transactional data to develop a solid understanding of the functional areas within a site. Our goal is to perform an analysis so that we can select the best available and properly sized technologies for our clients from a wide range of providers and options.

As Abraham Maslow said in 1966, “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”  Such is the case for an OEM or Automation manufacturer, but not the case when you are an independent supply chain integration partner, like Bastian Solutions.  To us, every bit of detail counts.  We want, and need, large datasets so we can develop mathematical representations of critical functional areas - at the yearly, monthly, daily and hourly levels.  To us, it all matters. When designing advanced automation, we need to quantify peak historical levels for each major functional area and develop design criteria that will be used as a baseline for sizing.  Specific growth targets are then applied to this design criteria to ensure future-proof automation initiatives are developed.

Weights and dimensions of SKUs are critical when designing automated systems.  SKUs either cube or weigh out a typical automation storage container.  In addition, nesting and innerpack case quantities affect how many SKUs can be stored in an automated system.

In the absence of valid weights and dims, and/or transactional line level order and receiving data, assumptions must be made.  In some instances, these assumptions may increase the expected system size and push the normal return on investment or payback period beyond a customer’s typical criteria.  In other instances, assumptions may undersize a system and not give the full benefit a customer is expecting.

By partnering with so many technology providers, we have a long history of understanding when certain SKU profiles, rate requirements or business rules favor one technology over the other.  The advanced analysis techniques we utilize help discover the nuances in customer data and decipher the proper recommendation to deliver the best bang for the buck.

Data analysis is time consuming yet vital. Good customer data is the key to rightsizing automation systems and targeting the proper technology solution.  Good data drives good designs. Please reach out to us at Bastian Solutions and our consulting practice if you would like to see us in action!

Author: Jason Tenorio

Jason Tenorio is the Director of Consulting at Bastian Solutions. In this roles, Jason leads client consulting engagements and develops new opportunities for consulting work with external customers. He has a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering as well as a Masters of Science in Industrial Engineering and has nearly 30 years of design, simulation, consulting, and technical sales experience.


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