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Decoding Your ZiPline Conveyor Model Name

Andrew Jones | 21 March 2018

I’ve recently had a child, our first, and it has gotten me to think more about how we use nursery rhymes to entertain our kids while we educate them. My wife being the wonderful educator she is has a plethora of books and rhymes to get us going. Ironically, many might consider the ZiPline Conveyor model naming just as tongue twisting as rhymes like Peter Piper. However, if you understand the three elements to every ZiPline Conveyor model name, the confusion is easily remedied.

Conveyor Surface

With our conveyor, we want anyone to be able to look at the name and instantly know what type of conveyor it is. To do so, each model name begins with one of the most important details about any conveyor--the conveying surface. Our current lineup has either belt (B) or rollers (R). Choosing the right surface is dependent on what you are moving. If we reference the graphic below and use our BZPDC model as an example, you can instantly see that it is belted since it starts with a B.

Conveyor Function

Moving on from the surface, we encounter the second most important conveyor detail--its function. Our conveyors cover the full gamut of functionality, so the second section of our model name contains letters signifying whether the conveyor is zero pressure (ZP), minimum pressure (MP), roller bed (RB), slider bed (SB), live spur (LS)… You get the picture. We already know our model is belted and then has ZP. This means we have selected a zero-pressure model. Now we know the conveyance surface and the function make up the first and middle letters, but what about those last two letters?

Conveyor Power

The model shown above ends with DC. DC in our case is not short hand for Detective Comics. 😉 Anyone who has messed with electricity already knows where this is going.  These letters stand for direct current. Alternatively, some of our models have an alternating current (AC) option or gravity (GV). ZiPline Conveyor model names To quickly recap, we have selected BZPDC which stands for Belted Zero Pressure Direct Current conveyor. You can also see how that works with our conveyance surface, function, and power. Since you now have mastered the ZiPline Conveyor naming system, test yourselves with the following models: In retrospect, decoding ZiPline Conveyor models is easier than rhymes like Peter Piper. Maybe I should suggest my wife incorporate some of the models into my son’s routine. Who knows, it might be just the thing to set him up for a successful career down the road!

Author: Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones is a marketing specialist for Bastian Solutions and ZiPline Conveyor. 


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