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Dress Up Your Pallet Rack With Accessories

Dave Knight | 12 August 2016

If you are taking full advantage of the array of pallet rack accessories that are available, then your pallet rack can be more than just pallet rack. Although it is an essential part of today’s warehouse, a lot of people are not taking advantage of some of the most common accessories and maximizing their investment. Below is a description of some popular pallet rack accessories and why they are beneficial.

Common Pallet Rack Accessories

Wire Decking Wire DeckingWire decking is the most common accessory. It is made of different gauge steel rods welded in a mesh pattern that covers the beams and acts as a secondary support for your pallets or whatever your load may be. I say secondary support because it is not specifically designed for point loading; although, 2500 pound to 3000 pound loads are common for wire deck. The front and rear rack beams should typically support the load. There are a number of different ways a wire deck can sit on a beam. The two most common types are:
  • Waterfall – flanges of the deck sit over the face of the beam
  • Flush fit – will sit in the step of the beam and is flush with the top
Other types of pallet support that can be used but are not as common are a cross bar, which is a small formed channel that reaches across the beams. Sometimes people even use a 2” x 8” cut piece of lumber, but this is not recommended due to safety issues. Row Spacers and Wall Ties Pallet Rack Row SpacersSome other common pallet rack accessories are the row spacer and wall tie. Both of these are used to help the overall structure and stability of the rack. The row spacer is used to rigidly tie two back-to-back rows of pallet rack together. The spacers are usually placed about 6” from the top and bottom of the uprights and usually no more than 10’ apart. These are essential for tying long rows of pallet rack together. The wall tie is used to tie a pallet rack upright to the wall or possibly other structures. These ties are essential for single rows of uprights. Column Protectors Pallet rack column protectorAnother very common accessory is the column protector, or sometimes called a post protector, or upright protector. Basically, as the name indicates, it helps minimize and protect the upright at the base from forklift damage. Damage to the base of an upright column can weaken the entire frame and cause it to collapse. These protectors come in various heights and materials and can save you money in the long run. If you’re interested in any of these accessories, or some of the many others that are out there, contact us. Every pallet rack deserves a little lipstick and rouge.

Author: Dave Knight


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