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Even Turnkey Automation Solutions Require Effective Training

Samantha Smart | 21 April 2021

You’re planning on implementing a new turnkey system for your business. Just like the name implies, implementation should be as easy as turning a key, right? Not quite.

When it comes time to deploy a new system, there are always challenges in making it work. New systems have to operate within well-established organizational contexts and employees have to adapt to use new tools and procedures.

Any new skill needs to be learned. It's no different when you’ve invested in a system to improve your business. Even with a "turnkey" system, training is an essential component of a successful change management process. 

Learning a New System

Think back to when you learned how to drive. You probably had a driving instructor if you were lucky or, if you were me, a mom who closed her eyes and prayed the entire time. You also likely had to read through a book of safety rules and were required to pass a test before you were able to gain the sweet freedom of the road. 

The same applies for new systems for your warehouse or distribution center. Initial training works to educate personnel who regularly use your automated and material handling systems in all aspects of the equipment. This might include operators, engineering staff, maintenance personnel, and supervisors. System basics are covered, including:

  • Safety
  • Startup and shutdown procedures
  • Basic operational steps
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and exceptions handling

Like learning to drive, to truly gain the most of your system and operations learning shouldn’t stop there. When you were handed your license for the first time, you likely didn’t fully grasp how what you learned in driving school actually applies to driving during rush hour traffic or during a winter storm. Your car's user manual might help with some of these challenges, like figuring out how to change the speed of your windshield wipers. However, foundational knowledge of your car's operation will only take you so far – your knowledge needs to adapt to the demands of your local environment. Installing a new system in your business is very similar.

Adapting to Specific Conditions

Understanding the system's basic operation can get you "on the road," but it takes much more than that to meet the twists and turns of daily business operations. It's why we offer an extended training program that builds on foundational knowledge to help users build skills and confidence in using the system in real-world settings.

Optional extended training programs are offered throughout the project lifecycle covering topics such as change management, system testing, and advanced expert training. Training is tailored to system needs and may include:

  • Industry best practices
  • System configuration
  • Database access and report creation
  • Advanced issue resolution

Training Solutions for Automation Success

Training brings confidence and comfort with automation and material handling systems and their components. Even with turnkey solutions, you can create greater efficiencies with thorough, effective training. You’ll be able to identify, navigate and troubleshoot errors, as well as identify process opportunities that better support your business operations.

Bastian Solutions’ systems are built to help businesses improve their operations from day one, but that's only part of the equation. We recognize that training is an essential component of a successful implementation and offer training solutions that can build that success from installation to go-live and beyond so that running your system becomes as intuitive as driving during your daily commute.

Author: Samantha Smart

Samantha Smart is the Software Training & Development Team Lead at Bastian Solutions. Samantha works with clients to improve productivity, engagement and customer satisfaction through a blend of effective learning techniques. She has a decade of experience as a business analyst and technical trainer supported by an educational background in Media Studies, enabling her to create dynamic learning experiences for employees and clients alike.


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