Purchasing Material Handling Equipment Online Doesn’t Have to be Scary

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From the start, everyone’s comfort level when purchasing material handling equipment online is low.  I know this because over the last five years our e-commerce team has beenOnline Shopping Cart selling material handling equipment via the BMH Website, and during that time, we’ve found two common reasons people are scared to purchase their equipment over the Internet.

Purchasing Online
First, it’s an online B2B purchase.  Much like purchasing consumer goods online in the 90’s, B2B purchasing is today; it’s new to a lot of people and companies.  Additionally, with the typically larger transaction size, pulling the trigger for an online order can be intimidating.  However, one of the most reassuring parts of purchasing online is that good e-commerce sites have learned best practices over the last two decades and have applied these lessons to today’s B2B transactions. A good online material handling equipment provider will offer you an easy and secure way to purchase your equipment regardless of whether you are ordering a $10 caster or $20,000 worth of conveyor.

Purchasing Complex Equipment
Historically, material handling equipment purchases of complex items–such as conveyors, lift tables, and casters–have been conducted in person.  The complexity of these pieces of equipment require a good bit of engineering knowledge to ensure you have the exact piece you need to perform the job. After all, who wants to accidentally order the wrong item?  A good online material handling equipment provider will offer you every piece of information you need to make the correct purchase yourself, while also offering friendly, in-person options, such as phone assistance, live chat, or email. If you prefer talking to someone directly or just need to confirm the accuracy of your purchase before pulling the trigger, these options should be available to you at every stage of the process.

Shopping Cart E-Commerce ButtonAdditionally, in my experience, the best online material handling stores will stand behind you at every step of the order process. You are entitled to receive the same level of service regardless of where you placed your order. If the store you’re shopping doesn’t appear to offer that then feel free to move on. The true test of a quality, online material handling store is if you do accidentally end up ordering something incorrectly, will they help you get the issue corrected quickly.

Lastly, has anyone ever purchased material handling equipment or other B2B products online?  If so, how was your experience?

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  1. Online shopping is not as tricky as it is thought by many users. It requires some attention and research to get the best deal from a good online store.

  2. Most likely probably the most important factor of purchasing and selling is material handling. Material handling tools might be owned. It may be better to choose used material handling equipment for the organization, whether it’s apparent that that category the merchandise to deal with materials in lots of material handling tools and system can be found. Nicely written.

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