Halloween Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Supply Chain

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Below are some helpful tips from some of your favorite ghosts and goblins!  Happy Halloween everyone!

Pick to Light / Light Picking Technologies

Pick to Light:

Young Frankenstein might have been scared of it, but you shouldn’t be. Pick to light is a great way to improve your picking processes.

Attaining Stretch Goals

Stretch Goals:

Don’t settle for reaching small, easily attainable goals. Really stretch yourself to achieve the most challenging of goals.

Industrial Bulk Storage

Bulk Storage:

If it was good enough for Dracula, why not you! Bulk storage is a great, easy way to economically store large quantities of SKUs.

Opportunity Charging

Opportunity Charging:

A good jolt can bring anyone or anything to life! Take advantage of opportunity charging for all your equipment batteries. When you avoid a complete discharge of the battery, cycle life will typically increase.

Pick to Voice / Voicing Picking Technologies

Pick to Voice:

Don’t get angry, switch to a voice picking technology! Pick to voice technology is quick and easy to learn.  It can also increases picking accuracy to around 99.5 percent!

Dealing with a New Project Manager

New Project Manager:

Trouble brewing with your new project manager? Keep some leftover Halloween candy in your desk to offer to them when things aren’t going as scheduled.

Workplace Safety Training

Safety Training:

It’s never a good day when there’s an accident in the workplace! Always place caution or warning signs near large obstacles.

Outbound Consulting in Distribution

Outbound Consulting:

Want to improve your distribution process? Consult a local wizard. If he can get Dorothy home with a click of the heels, just think how fast he could get your products to your customers!

Importance of Calling on Past Dues

Calling on Past Dues:

You don’t have to be mean about it, but there’s no harm in asking for what’s yours–whether it’s candy or money!

Stretch Wrapping 101

Stretch Wrapping 101:

Good stretch wrapping is key to keeping it all together! It also provides protection from the elements and is very cost efficient!

I began my career at Bastian Solutions back in 1987. As an engineer and entrepreneur, I have always enjoyed the growth of our family-based business. With over 26 years of experience in the industry, I have been involved with most all material handling technologies: robotics, AS/RS, sortation, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Warehouse Control Systems (WCS), RFID, Pick to Light, Pick to Display, etc. I have also worked in most vertical industries. What I like most about my job is working with the great team at Bastian Solutions and creating innovative new products and services. As CEO of Bastian Solutions, it is my responsibility to provide the vision on where the company should go in the future, so we provide value to our customers and a great working environment for our employees.

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