The Power of Hopes and Dreams

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Walt Disney Quote - Power of DreamsAs a child, I was very fortunate to have a great family who encouraged me to work hard, do my best, and go after my dreams. I was also blessed throughout school with great friends, coaches, and teachers who helped build my character, knowledge, and imagination.

Now that I am married, I am often challenged by my wife to keep pushing the envelope, create something new, and take some risks. To me, life is energizing and an opportunity to create and build the next greatest thing to help make the world a better place. I have been very lucky.

As I have grown older, unfortunately, I have met many young people who have not been given this same level of encouragement to go after their dreams. It could be their parents are somewhat negative or settle for mediocrity. It could be that their group of friends is not overly ambitious, and the status quo is just fine. It could be the fear of failure that prevents them from chasing their dreams. It might even be their socio-economic condition to where they begin feeling sorry for themselves or think they are a victim.

In any case, we have an opportunity every day to try and encourage the hopes and dreams of our young people. This is usually a one-to-one relationship where they first realize how much you care about them, and then they accept your encouragement and guidance.

Generally, it is the little things that are remembered. Go out and help a young person to gain the confidence to chase his or her dreams. It will definitely light up the child’s life, and who knows, he or she might just change the world someday.

I began my career at Bastian Solutions back in 1987. As an engineer and entrepreneur, I have always enjoyed the growth of our family-based business. With over 26 years of experience in the industry, I have been involved with most all material handling technologies: robotics, AS/RS, sortation, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Warehouse Control Systems (WCS), RFID, Pick to Light, Pick to Display, etc. I have also worked in most vertical industries. What I like most about my job is working with the great team at Bastian Solutions and creating innovative new products and services. As CEO of Bastian Solutions, it is my responsibility to provide the vision on where the company should go in the future, so we provide value to our customers and a great working environment for our employees.

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