The History of Robotics [Infographic]

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Today’s industrial robots are incredibly advanced thanks to new technologies in controls, vision systems, and end of arm tooling. All of this has allowed them to perform increasingly difficult tasks faster and more precisely, but how do these machines compare to some of the first robots ever created? Take a look at the graphic below to learn more about how robots first started.

History of Robotics Infographic

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  1. Kyle Thill says:

    There were some mechanical devices too in Greece in too weren’t there. Some driven by gravity and water. Seems we’ve always like automation. Much to the chagrin of the Kawasaki worker.

  2. Hi Kyle and thanks for the comment. You’re correct; a guy named Hero from Greece invented some automated devices he used to put on plays and entertain people. So yes, even in ancient days we loved automation!

  3. SPS Chauhan says:

    Good Photo that Capture Evolution 🙂

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