Industrial Robot Proof of Concept: Verify Functionality and Avoid Risk

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Pick and place robots from Bastian Solutions

Due to the complexity of certain industrial robot projects, a Proof of Concept (PoC) is sometimes required to verify functionality and key components of a design prior to commencing a full project.

There are many benefits to developing a Proof of Concept including:

  • Less risk – requires a smaller initial investment and the proposed concept can be verified before the customer is required to fully invest
    • If a full system is ordered, the customer will not be charged for the design work already done during the PoC
  • Highly customizable – we can test as much or as little as needed to satisfy the customer requirements
    • We can also provide alternatives and design and test more than one concept
  • Convenience – the customer can come on site to witness the test and verify it for themselves
    • Potential modifications are much easier and cost effective to make at this point in the process

There are also many specific things that we can test with a PoC. Some of these items include:

  • End of Arm Tool (EoAT) Design
    • Can the EoAT sufficiently secure the product to ensure safe handling?
  • Rate Capabilities
    • Are the robot and EoAT capable of moving together at the speeds necessary to meet production requirements?
  • Equipment Interaction
    • How well does the robot interface with any specialized ancillary equipment required for the application?

This particular proof of concept was for a robotic pick and place application. With this PoC, we were able to verify for the client that the conveyor was able to hold the cups in place while the robot accurately picked and placed candies into them.

Please contact us today if you are interested in working with Bastian Solutions to develop a Proof of Concept for your next industrial robotics project.

Kayla attended the University of Missouri - Columbia where she graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering. Since joining the Bastian Robotics team as a Field Applications Engineer in 2013, she has contributed to various projects across a wide range of industries.

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