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Robot toy from Robugtix

I came across this interesting little robot on YouTube through one of my favorite shows, Mythbusters. One of the stars, Adam Savage, who loves all sorts or crazy inventions and toys found this T8X Spider Bot from Robugtix, to be irresistible.

If you know any technology buffs, this would make an excellent gift. The price tag isn’t small, but the components and features of this robot toy are quite impressive. Unfortunately, version three of this guy is still in pre-order stages, but the makers have several other fun gadgets you can purchase now if you just can’t wait.

Robot toy specs

Product Features

So what makes this robotic spider so impressive? It features very realistic motion that is obtained via the T8X’s 26 micro-servo motors. The T8X is Robugtix’s second iteration of the Spider Bot (first being the T8) and they pull out all of the stops on this one. The Bigfoot™ Robotics Engine that was utilized to power the original T8 has been upgraded for the T8X. The engine is capable of making all the necessary and complex computations needed to control the synchronized eight-legged walking robot.

As is the case with nearly all R/C toys (for lack of a better word), all of the complex background coding is converted into easy-to-use controls for the end user. This makes it so that all the consumer needs to do is give it the command to go forward or back, up or down, at a given speed and the robot will listen.

Key Specifications:

  • Injection molded exoskeleton
  • Wirelessly controlled via Wi-Fi
  • Ability to share scripts with others
  • Ability to communicate with other T8X
  • Remotely accessible from anywhere with Wi-Fi connection
  • Optional serial communications pins for direct control and custom development
  • Powered by 26 advanced Robugtix servo motors with PID control and customization features
  • Touch sensing capabilities
  • Built-in battery charging system
  • Rechargeable batteries included

I know I’m impressed by the technology behind this robot toy, and I’m guessing if you have any engineers or technology buffs in the family, it would be a big hit with them, too.


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    This is incredible. I love this Spider. Can be used in many applications

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