A Conveyor Poem

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Learn about the life and applications of roller conveyor through poetry!

One of our finest poets and engineers at Bastian Solutions would like to take you on a journey into the daily life of a roller conveyor. Explore the exciting events of a warehouse where our conveyor hero works diligently through boxes big and small, while bravely challenging the fate of stationary, material handling equipment for the sake of true love. We’re proud to present you with, “A Conveyor Poem” by our very own, Will Smith!


I am a young conveyor
In a warehouse I do live
I work each day
No time to play
I don’t know what that is

Working Conveyor

I move boxes with my frame
They roll across my back
Some are heavy
Some are light
Some make me say click-clack!

Conveyor moves boxes of all sizes

My back is made of rollers
My legs are made of steel
My channel frame
Is of the same
My paint, it never peels

Nice looking conveyor

There was a man, I heard
That had my job before
He slipped and fell
Now lawyers tell
How he laid there on the floor

Conveyor replaces dangerous jobs

I work harder than most anyone
But I don’t earn a dime
I have a debt to pay
That’s what they say
They call it ROI

Conveyor earns ROI

I gaze into the warehouse
With my photoeyes
What do I see?
Another like me!
But with a belt so wide!

Conveyor sees with photoeye

Her belt is raven color
Her legs stretch to the sky
I can hardly think
My chain skips a link
As I long to tell her “Hi”

Conveyor with a crush

In that instant I am broken
Knowing we will never meet
She is fine
She is lovely
But I have anchors in my feet

Conveyor with anchors for feet

I graduated from Southern Polytechnic State University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology. With a background in sales and engineering, I have combined to two skill sets to provide a warm, yet professional presence to Bastian Solutions of Atlanta. I enjoy spending time on the water whether it be boating, kayaking, swimming, wakeboarding, fishing, or duck hunting. When not on the water, I enjoy running 5k races, produce farming, playing church softball, photographing wildlife, and spending time with my family. I play guitar and write songs, but I sing them to no one. "No one" has the prettiest blues eyes I've ever seen.

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