On-Demand Packaging Saves Time, Space and Money

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On-demand packaging provides more cost effective shipping containers for manufacturers and distributors.

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During my many visits to manufacturing plants and distribution centers, I’ve always noticed the wasted space and inefficiency caused by:

  • Storage space created just for empty carton bundles
  • Stacks of empty cartons near pack stations or on pallets or carts
  • Rows of void filling equipment

As a former plant manager many years ago, I remember the cost of purchasing various sizes and shapes of empty cartons.  Having to find storage and properly inventory them was a challenge.  And, the need to purchase significant amounts of void fill added to the costs of materials and labor. Unfortunately for many manufacturers and distributors, this process is still common practice.

On-Demand Packaging

Now you can get away from that old way of thinking.  Have you heard anyone talk about “on demand packaging”, “right sizing boxes”, or “custom box making”?  These terms refer to using box making equipment to deliver the sizes of boxes you really need, when you need them.

These machines can tie into your material handling system or remain independent. As orders are released, the machine cuts and erects a custom box size based on the contents of the order. One Bastian Solutions customer, Newegg.com, installed an on-demand packaging machine with more than 200 box sizes available. While there are many benefits, the most important to this customer was the reduction in shipping costs: more orders could fit on a single truck and the reduction in packing materials such as corrugated boxes and void fill was immense.

For Newegg.com and many customers, the benefits of adopting on-demand packaging include:

  • Saving space in your facility and minimizing inventory
  • Reducing “clutter” on the floor and stay more organized
  • Helping the environment
  • Minimizing product damage
  • Saving money on shipping costs (and dimensional rates)
  • Saving money by minimizing the use of void fill and/or cushioning
  • Saving money by using less corrugated material
  • Potential labor savings
  • Potential increased throughput
  • Ability to print on boxes (logos, etc.)
  • Happy customers!

If you are interested in learning more about on-demand packaging solutions, please contact us. There are a few options available, so our team can help point you in the right direction based on your current and future operational goals.

Ron is a Senior Field Application Engineer with Bastian Solutions in Lexington, KY. He is a Systems Engineer from the U.S. Naval Academy and received an MBA from Xavier University. Ron enjoys assisting his customers with material handling, storage, ergonomic, and automation solutions.

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