Reaching The Apex 2018 in Review

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A Recap of Bastian Solutions’ Supply Chain and Logistics Forum

Bastian Solutions’ inaugural Reaching the Apex event, a supply chain and logistics forum, was successfully held on September 18-20 at the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Indianapolis. Clients from multiple sectors including apparel, spare parts and health and beauty came to the event and walked away with actionable insights specific to their company through this exclusive one-to-one consulting experience.

Experts from Bastian Solutions kicked off day one of Reaching The Apex by leading educational seminars covering a wide breadth of material handling and supply chain topics. Clients were shown varying types of material handling technology and provided key rules of thumb and measure for identifying where these technologies may be a good fit in their operations. Our supply chain software experts also dove into the difference and overlap of functionality between WMSWCSWES, and LMS products from major suppliers. Product tracking technology was introduced by the Bastian Solutions IoT team, and clients were able to see a live demonstration of our product, the BlueHound Asset Tracker.

After investing in the classroom education, Apex attendees were provided private tours of highly automated distribution facilities across the Midwest. Facilities visited showcased an array of technology including AutoStore, Opex Perfect Pick, and ZiPline conveyor.

Day three of Reaching The Apex featured the highly anticipated and customized one-to-one consulting sessions. Our consultants worked with each company to gather relevant data prior to the event to facilitate a client-focused consulting session. Consultants worked with the attendees to identify operational areas of opportunity, potential material handling technologies to meet their needs, and long-term facility plans. Day three was the culmination of the event and was designed to give attendees actionable items unique to their business.

Bastian Solutions’ inaugural Reaching The Apex event combined education, facility tours and one-to-one consulting for a unique conference experience. As our teams looks to implement feedback from this year’s attendees to shape and refine Reaching The Apex, we look forward to launching our next Reaching The Apex event in Fall 2020.



Jiayao Zhang - Associate Consulting Engineer
After graduating from Georgia Tech with B.S. Industrial Engineering degree, Jiayao Zhang joined Bastian Solutions as an associate consulting engineer in 2017. Jiayao engages with Bastian clients to learn their business, then analyzes and interprets their operational data to develop solutions that are in their best interests. She has done many warehouse layout design and sizing projects, translating data analysis into efficient storage plans, technology needs, and overall layout design.
Amanda Bomar
Amanda Bomar has been a Consulting Engineer at Bastian Solutions since 2016. She earned both her Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering from the University of Louisville. Post-graduation, Amanda spent 7 years as an engineer in third party logistics, and draws on her first-hand experience in operations to develop robust solutions for clients. Amanda’s specialties include data analysis, operational process improvement review, and warehouse design.

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