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Singulation of tires on conveyor

New Singulator Handles 60-Pound Tires

Robert Humphry | 18 February 2016

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There are various types of singulators, and they can handle everything from boxes to specialty products, or in this case, circular/cylindrical items. One of our newest projects coming off the production floor is a singulator designed to efficiently handle heavy tires during the manufacturing process. What is a Singulator? A singulator is a mechanical device used in a conveyor system to provide product accumulation and singulation. This device is typically mounted onto the conveyor frame and holds upstream product to provide accumulation. A downstream process will signal the release of the accumulated product at distinct time or distance intervals. This ensures product is properly spaced for handling later on in the manufacturing or distribution process. Singulator Conveyor for Tires Our singulator was specifically designed to be used by an automotive manufacturer on the company's tire processing line. The tires each weigh around 60 lbs. and are approximately 22” in diameter. The tires are conveyed on heavy duty live rollers, providing an economical and robust method of transport. This singulator features two pivoting arms that are connected with a mechanical linkage. The arms hold back the incoming tires by applying a force angled towards the center axis line of the tire. This allows the singulator to accumulate several hundred pounds of back pressure without stressing the pneumatic air cylinder or other mechanical pieces. The load is supported by heavy duty pillow block bearings. Once the downstream process is available, the control system will communicate with the tire singulator to release the tires in distinct time or distance intervals. The pivoting arms are actuated simultaneously with a single pneumatic cylinder. The arms are connected with an adjustable linkage. This adjustment feature allows an operator to fine-tune the arms in the field and ensure they are balanced precisely over the conveyor. The arms are angled specifically for this tire to ensure only a single tire is released while the arms are pivoting. Tire handling singulator Singulator Benefits
  • An economical way to provide accumulation on a live roller conveyor
  • Can be installed into an existing conveyor system
  • Our team can custom tailor a product singulator specific to your product and process needs.
Budgetary Price:
  • 1st Unit: $15,000
  • 2+ Units: $9,000 each
Below you can see the tire singulator in action. For more information about this product or to receive a quote, please contact: or call (317) 467-2583.

Author: Robert Humphry, PE

Robert is a Senior Solutions Account Executive based out of Indianapolis. He joined Bastian Solutions in 2014 after receiving a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri. He is responsible for pursuing clients for industrial automation & supply chain execution software solutions. Robert and his wife Abigail are busy raising two young engineers.


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