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Pack Expo 2023: The Trickle-Down Effect of Automating End of Line Operations

Grace Stafford | 9 August 2023

The world of automation is more complicated than it has ever been, with several emerging technology options and configurations now readily available with more to come. What we know, however, is that creating a foundation for long-term resilience relies on adaptable automation. Together with data-backed system integration you can overcome business challenges to meet objectives now and, in the future, reaping better ROIs. This means taking a detailed look at the processes before a package leaves the warehouse.

Product movement, storage and order fulfillment are generally top of mind when optimizing a warehouse but just as impactful are your end of line operations. Often manual, these operations generally consist of package sealing, taping, weighing, the addition of dunnage, package confirmation, sortation to the right delivery carrier, palletizing and more. Right-sizing and automating these repetitive tasks can not only help navigate labor shortages but also positively impact the cost and speed of shipment and delivery – ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

According to DHL, the Logistics Trend Radar, “The average box is 40% too big for its contents” and eliminating that excess volume would mean 24 million fewer truckloads per year in the U.S. alone.

Solutions like right-size carton erectors, automated polybagging, robotic palletizing coupled with consulting, design, installation and long-term support, will help give your company a competitive edge.

Seminar: The Trickle-Down Effect of Right-Sized Packaging

Featuring more than 40 vertical industries, Pack Expo 2023 in Las Vegas, will feature more than 100 innovation-defining sessions exploring a variety of topics around packaging and processing.

Join Bastian Solutions at Pack Expo on Tuesday, Sept. 12 2:00-3:00 p.m. where we’ll discuss the trickle-down effect of right-sized packaging.

Minimize risk and reduce cost while being more sustainable with right-sized packaging. When it comes to packing and shipping, you can make efficiencies in larger factors such as operations and system design but also in smaller details like automated box sizing and packing processes.

In this seminar we’ll explore an often-overlooked opportunity for efficiency in product delivery, improved safety of product, reduced cost on packing material and the role of automation in maximizing those savings before your products depart the warehouse.

See it in Action: AGF, Robotics, Conveyor

Featured at our booth, N-10343, this year is:

  • CB18 AGF (Automated Guided Forklift) CB18 AGF moves pallets and other large, heavy loads in floor operations as well as tasks involving interfacing with other automation equipment. This forklift can accommodate a wide array of tasks and cargo needs. Utilizing natural features navigation, the CB18 uses LiDAR scanners to identify features in its environment and compare them to a virtual map of the facility. This 360-degree field of view allows the vehicle to calculate its own position and follow a programmed path – no additional infrastructure or operators needed.
  • Industrial Robotic Palletizing Fast, flexible and reliable, robotic palletizers are highly customizable to suit a variety of product types and applications, as well as multiple infeed and discharge layouts to fit your requirements. Our proprietary pallet pattern editor software allows customers to visualize and edit pallet stacking patterns used by their Bastian Solutions’ robots to improve the speed and accuracy of their palletizing operations.
  • Conveyor Systems – Replacing manual transport processes to create more reliable, ergonomic and organized operations, conveyor can be used as standalone pieces of equipment or as part of a larger automated system. Conveyors are versatile tools that can handle a variety of product sizes, shapes and weight. This includes the handling of high, fast moving volume or heavier loads like skids, pallets.

Find Your Solution Today

We invite you to stop by N-10343 booth to see robotics and automation in action.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to discuss your business objectives and challenges in depth, schedule a one-on-one meeting with us. If you haven’t yet decided on going, there is still time! Visit the Pack Expo website to register and find more information about the show.

Author: Grace Stafford

Grace is a Communications Specialist at Bastian Solutions, based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis and has 5 years of experience working in communications and marketing.


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