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The Emergence of Kiva Look-Alikes

March 14, 2019
After Amazon acquired Kiva Systems, these look-alike vendors have copied and expanded on the fetch & carry, goods-to-person fulfillment method. Read: The Emergence of Kiva Look-Alikes

Click and Collect: Stores Become Retail Distribution Centers

March 17, 2017
Today’s retail stores are evolving, but what does the future hold? Could AGVs or augmented reality speed order picking and take fulfillment to the next level? In the future, will we ever have to go into a store again? Read: Stores Becoming Retail Distribution Centers

Top 3 Reasons to Consider Material Handling System Simulation

December 29, 2010
When most people hear the word " simulation ," they often envision a flight simulator (circa 1986 Top Gun), a race car game, or possibly even this theory that suggests we actually live inside of a massive computer model--wow! Nonetheless, individuals don't often realize the benefits and applications of simulation in the material handling world . To showcase the usefulness and advantages of material handling simulations I've included the top 3 reasons one should consider simulating their current or future processes.
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