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2012 World Ag Expo, Material Handling Automation, and Helping our Veterans

March 09, 2012
Recently, I attended the World Ag Expo at the International Agri-Center in Tulare, California. It is the largest trade show of farm and agricultural equipment and associated products in the world, and because it is held outdoors, very large equipment can be brought in for attendees to view--from tractors nearly two stories tall, to the smallest of nozzles used in irrigation...

Why You Should Care About the Price of Non-Compliance

December 16, 2011
Most engineers and operators in the manufacturing and production world understand the need for quality in their processes. The inherent value of "zero-defect" delivery of goods and services to a customer or end user reduces many of the headaches associated with repairs, returns, and reworks. All of these issues point to added time and expense for a supplier, as well as reduced customer satisfaction. But those having a deeper understanding of the reasons behind these issues and metrics understand that the cost of quality is a factor that cannot be avoided... Read More >>
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