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Florida’s Growing Distribution & Logistics Market

Written By: Reed Langton
June 11, 2019

With over 20 million residents and more than 100 million visitors every year, plus the growing demand for faster delivery, Florida has seen tremendous growth in distribution centers over the past few years.

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Choosing your Material Handling System: A Quest for the Right Solution

Written By: Benton Graff
May 14, 2019

Your business is starting to take off and orders are coming in faster than you can keep up. It’s starting to look like time for an upgrade to your warehouse system, but where should you begin your search? These tips will help you start the journey.

3 Advanced Features of the ZiPline Shoe Sorter

Written By: Andy Eckerle
April 02, 2019

From day one, the main design criteria for our ZiPline shoe sorter was maximum uptime with industry-leading crash avoidance. That’s why we developed the best slat, shoe, and end offload in the industry.

Employees Participate in 2010 Millard Fuller Legacy Build

Written By: Bastian Media
September 29, 2010
Countless volunteers, including employees from BMH, ASAP Automation, and Helen Wells Agency participated in the 2010 Millard Fuller Legacy Build on September 9th. To honor their founder and his vision of a grassroots movement working to end poverty housing, the Fuller Center built seven new homes and renovated 15 homes in Indianapolis during the build week.
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Results: 4 Blog Posts found.