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Finding the Right Solution: Supercapacitors vs. Batteries

Written By: Tiffany Greyson
August 28, 2019

When making a decision, it’s important to fully consider the benefits and disadvantages of each available option. Here's how we decided between supercapacitors and batteries when developing our warehouse robots.

3 Things That Will Help You Succeed in a Robotics Career

Written By: Hans Leidenfrost
May 02, 2019

At Bastian Solutions' R&D branch, we have seen many intern candidates and interested students apply, all hoping to get into robotics. Here are three characteristics that we look for. They may not be what you think!

Posted in Education

Technological Advancements Enabling the Growth of Robotic Picking

Written By: Jason Tenorio
April 04, 2019

In the very near future, robotic picking will become mainstream, facilitating a 24/7 picking and order fulfillment environment. Improvements in a few existing technologies have helped pave the way.

4 Project Management Lessons I Learned From Kids

Written By: Bastian Solutions
July 01, 2011
Project Management: Mentoring a FIRST Lego League TeamI spent the last year helping some middle school students start a robotics club. We had a ton of fun, some challenges, very little money and in the end ... a very big success. There were quite a few lessons I learned as a professional project manager that, as it turns out, it takes a child to teach (or at least reinforce)... Read More >>

Thinking Outside the Box is Key to Innovative Solutions

Written By: Matt Kohler
April 28, 2011
Big Idea Light Bulb: Thinking Outside the BoxIn today's business world, many employees--including myself from time to time--wear multiple hats on a day-to-day basis. These additional responsibilities, combined with a decreasing amount of time in which to do them, create an atmosphere in which out-of-the-box thinking is often lost. Read More >>

Robotic Palletizing vs. Conventional Automated Palletizing

Written By: Bastian Solutions
January 26, 2011
Robotic Palletizing from Bastian RoboticsWhen a business decides to automate its palletizing process, there are essentially two choices: robotic or conventional. What are the differences between these two technologies? What are the advantages? First, let's discuss robotic palletizers. The key component in a robotic palletizer is....drum roll guessed it, a robot. A robot is usually defined as an electro-mechanical machine guided by computer or electronic programming, and thus, able to do tasks on its own. Read More >>