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Tecnologia Avançada de Separação de Pedidos traz Melhorias para Operadores de E-Commerce

October 07, 2016
Acompanhando o grande sucesso do e-commerce é fácil imaginar como é crítico e eficiente o processo de separação de pedidos de empresas de e-commerce. Seus clientes esperam receber seus pedidos cada vez mais rápido e por outro lado o único caminho de atender as expectativas é usando sistemas automáticos ao invés de operação manual. Ler: Tecnologia Avançada traz Melhorias para Operadores de E-Commerce

Importância do Integrador na solução de automação para manuseio e movimentação de material

September 22, 2016
O Brasil segue se desenvolvendo na área de logística tanto em tecnologia como também em processos. Um novo e importante papel que começa a fazer diferença, é o Integrador. Ler: Importância do Integrador na solução de automação

Bastian Solutions na Movimat 2016, de 20 à 22 Setembro (Expo Center Norte – SP)

September 14, 2016
A Bastian Solutions irá participar da Movimat 2016, que ocorrerá no período de 20 a 22 de Setembro no Expo Center Norte em São Paulo - SP. Ler: Bastian Solutions na Movimat 2016

Major Sporting Events Require Better Logistics

July 31, 2013
Major sporting events such as the World Cup and Olympics are a critical time for players and teams, but what about the corporations supplying apparel, equipment, food and beer, televisions, and the list goes on and on. For those companies, prepping and improving logistics operations is key to beating the competition during those big events. Read More >>

Material Handling Automation in Brazil: New Rules for a Changing Market

August 27, 2012
Brazil, and South America in general, is a very good market as it is expanding, resourceful, demographically buoyant, and with increasing rates of population entering the middle and upper classes, boosting consumption; however, many business models are about to change as this occurs, mainly due to labor cost’s rapid increase... Read More >>

From Military Satellites to Material Handling, Engineering Processes are Key

February 25, 2011
In the past several months, I have been making the (more or less) smooth transition between my previous career as an engineering manager in the aerospace sector and my new role in the material handling industry with Bastian. While originally it was somewhat scary to move from one industry to another, I was pleased to discover the many connections between my previous career and my new one. Read More >>
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