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Questions to Expect From a Material Handling Integrator

May 05, 2020
In any material handling project or consultation, the first step is getting to know your business and its needs. Here are some of the questions you can expect.

The Highway to Success – Enhancing the Value of the Workforce through Automation

February 28, 2018
Last year, MHI published its “Material Handling & Logistics US Roadmap 2.0”. The Roadmap explains how changing trends in the workforce, technology, consumers and logistics infrastructure will impact material handling and logistics through 2030. One of the biggest changes we see occurring is the relationship between the workforce and technology. Read: Enhancing the Value of the Workforce Through Automation

How the New Tax Law Could Impact Material Handling

February 14, 2018
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 that President Trump signed into law this past December was the most comprehensive overhaul of the US tax code in over 30 years.  The law contains significant changes to both individual and corporate tax rates.  There is little doubt the law will impact all Americans in some manner or another, but what impact will the tax law have on the material handling industry? Read: Tax Law Impact on Material Handling

How to Increase Meeting Effectiveness

May 09, 2017
Communication is key in any business! We're often managing meetings with people in various locations and time zones, both internal and external resources. Each employee's communication manner directly impacts the image of both the employee and the company. Read: Increase Meeting Effectiveness

#RelationshipGoals in the Material Handling Industry

December 16, 2015
Time is important, and your time is valuable to you and me, so I’ll try and be quick. After reading, you should be able to determine your type of integration partner more efficiently, and have smoother starts to your projects, large or small. Read: Relationship Goals in Material Handling

Patience and Persistence: A Road Map for Doing Business in the Middle East

December 13, 2012
Can I see a show of hands for people who would like to do business in the Middle East? Hey, where did everyone go? If you’re still reading, then I would tell you engaging in business opportunities in this part of the world can seem similar to climbing a mountain, but for those willing to stick with it, the rewards can also be great... Continue Reading >>

It's a Long Race: How the Indy 500 Mimics Our Economy

May 22, 2012
Motorsports, and especially IndyCar and Sprint Cup racing, have always been of great interest to me. At the age of eight, I was fortunate enough to be invited by my father and grandfather to the Indianapolis 500--The Greatest Spectacle in Racing. At the time, all I knew was the cars went fast and the crowd at the track was absolutely eye opening. As our country and economy climb out of “The Great Recession,” I have noted some similarities between the economic conditions of small businesses and the greatest spectacle in racing. Let me explain if I may. Continue Reading >>

Have You Thought About a 401K?

March 29, 2012
Our life cycle can easily be broken into three distinct seasons: childhood, the working years, and retirement. Although many people survive the first two seasons with few financial crises, the final season is often a difficult and stressful time financially due to a lack of planning. What can we do to avoid this difficult time in our retirement years? The answer is having a well-developed savings plan and implementing it at the outset of the working era... Read more >>
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