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System Integration Success Through Effective Communication

February 17, 2021
Synchronizing complex automation systems and technologies is no easy feat. You’re not only coordinating controls and software but also ensuring that components, technologies, and processes work well together to achieve project goals. To make processes better. As unique as each system is, so too is design, installation and project management. The last thing you want is to have complications or hamper creativity that may give you the competitive edge you seek for your company.
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Functional Specification Documents – Do We Have To?

September 16, 2010
Writing specification documents and listing requirements is not typically a favorite task for a controls engineer. We’d rather be designing, coding, and debugging. But a well written specification can help a project move along more smoothly and therefore be more enjoyable. The main purposes of the specification should be: 1. An agreement with your customer on exactly how the system will operate 2. A point of synchronization for the project team 3. A basis for building a master plan and schedule 4. Instructions to engineers on what to build 5. A baseline for change control
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