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Why You Don't Need a Consultant

June 28, 2019
Not sure whether you need a consultant? This quick guide should help you decide if hiring one is right for your operation.

Measure Twice, Cut Once: Getting the Most Out of Your System Data

October 23, 2013
In junior high I’d taken a "Shop" class. Here I honed my love for building, creating and also learned a valuable life lesson: measure twice and cut once. I still find this adage helpful to this day, especially when helping new clients analyze their operations and prep for the future. Read more: Measure Twice, Cut Once >>

Simulation or Animation – What’s the Difference?

January 10, 2013
Simulation, animation, they’re basically the same thing, right? With the graphic capabilities of some simulation software packages, such as Demo 3D, it’s easy to see why people think these are synonyms. In reality, an animation is a moving picture used for demonstration, while simulations can be used for so much more... Continue Reading >>

Who You Gonna Call? A Sales Engineer!

July 07, 2011
If your business is in manufacturing or distribution, you are likely faced with a common dilemma in today's business environment -- lack of resources. Nowadays, businesses stay very lean in terms of personnel, and this often leads to some troubling questions for management. One answer might lie in the availability of a good field sales engineer. A field sales engineer (FSE) is an individual with both the sales and engineering experience needed to address technical solutions for your business. Read More >>

Engineering Consulting Studies: A Road Map to Success

May 25, 2011
Athletes train tirelessly to master their chosen skill. Countless hours are dedicated to perfect each movement, lower reaction time, and increase strength. The same can be said for professionals and laborers alike. Each group either does or can benefit from dedicated, focused instruction. Whether it is a coach, a professor, or a mentor, these individuals provide guidance to ensure correct implementation of vital tasks. Read More >>
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