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Your First ZiPline Conveyor and the Basics of Owning It

November 08, 2016
You are now the proud owner of a ZiPline conveyor, and maybe you are starting to wonder what exactly the next step is. Possibly this is the first conveyor you have ever purchased to which I will be the first to say congratulations on taking the efficiency of your operations seriously and making a bold step to transition to an automated facility. This is likely a little scary, a little exciting, and a little costly compared to previous modes of operation, but don’t worry, you’re in good hands. Read: Your First ZiPline Conveyor and the Basics of Owning It

Freight “Solutions” Management

June 29, 2012
As a material handling solutions provider, we take pride in integrating the best mix of technology and people to maximize our customer’s bottom line. We believe that there is a “best” solution out there for every customer. This philosophy is typically applied throughout our business processes; how can we do things cheaper, faster, better, and provide more value to our customers. One of the areas we recently focused on in this regard is freight management . Here are 6 key areas on which we have focused our attention and have seen real benefits... Continue Reading >>
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Encouragement…One Step at a Time

June 18, 2012
This weekend I had the pleasure of swimming with my four-year-old granddaughter, Liv. She had taken a few swimming lessons earlier in the week and was excited to show me all that she had learned. Most of her lessons had focused on putting her face in the water to blow bubbles and swim rather than the usual heads-up dog paddle. She showed me what she had learned and really did a nice job (taking in minimal water). I praised her and told her how proud I was of her, and you could just see the big smile of accomplishment. Continue Reading >>

Please...Not Another Slimy Sales Guy

June 01, 2012
Chances are we've all had a sales experience that has left us feeling used and abused. You know…that stereotypical pushy used car salesman that "gets you the deal of a lifetime" but is absolutely no help when you return a few days later needing service on the lemon he just sold you. There are countless other examples, but the common theme is most of us want a solutions provider, not just a salesperson. But what separates the good sales people (the solution providers) from the bottom dwellers? Here are 10 things to look for in a good salesperson... Continue Reading >>

Handyman Electrician or Disaster Waiting to Happen: 7 Steps to a Successful Electrical Project

May 16, 2012
Are you contemplating doing a little electrical work at home? Maybe you’re looking at your old, discolored light switches from the ‘70s and are thinking you could change them out, or you would love to have another electrical outlet near the PC in your home office. How big of a deal could it be anyway? Just unscrew a few things, put in a new outlet, and away you go.... Hold on! Before you do any of your own electrical work, there are some really important things to consider... Continue Reading >>

How to Harness the Power of Gen Y Employees in your DC

April 24, 2012
Generation Y currently makes up the second-largest workforce in U.S. history at 70 million people, so it is likely that current and future hires into your distribution center will include many in this generation. Although it is difficult to talk in all-encompassing generalities about a group of employees, understanding Gen Y's needs and their generational/cultural attitudes toward a work/life balance and engagement can make for an overall better workplace. Read More >>

Buy Low, Sell High: 16 Tips for Evaluating Your Investments

April 19, 2012
Throughout our lives, we are faced with several investment decisions. It might start off with a car in high school or college, and then go on to a house. It might be retirement investments, a business, a boat, vacation home, etc. In any case, I have found it is helpful to have a framework to evaluate these investments, so their value goes up and you and your family can enjoy life from a more financially secure position. Here are my 16 tips for evaluating your investments... Read More >>

Getting Air: New Vertical Conveyors Raise the Bar

April 11, 2012
Who doesn’t have fond childhood memories of jumping over objects, whether it was on a bicycle, sled, skis, or dirt bike? Well, “getting air” is not just a kid’s dream; our customers want it, too. It seems like almost every project has some requirement to elevate product from one level to another. It makes sense considering customers want to make the most of their available floor space, and there typically is more than enough available space overhead. Sometimes the need to go vertical is simply to gain clearance for personnel or vehicles that need to travel on the ground level. Other times, it is the more complex requirement to move product between multiple levels of a pick module or mezzanine... Read More >>

The Invisible Men of Material Handling

March 27, 2012
Upon the approach of my tenth anniversary with Bastian Solutions, I began asking myself what makes this company successful. After all, there must be some reason or reasons why I have found such satisfaction here that I have contributed a decade's worth of skill, talent, and effort toward the company's success. In answering this question, recent project experiences led me to an answer that lies partially outside of the company... Read More >>

New Design Tools for the Creative Engineer

February 16, 2012
With the pace of business continually accelerating, it is nice to see the selection of new engineering design tools rising to the occasion. Although there is no substitute for sound engineering fundamentals, these tools can help engage an engineer's creativity by speeding up the iterative design process. Continue Reading >>

Manufacturing and Logistics Facts about Valentine's Day [Infographic]

February 14, 2012
Behind all those flower bouquets, candy hearts, and jewelry boxes, there's a manufacturer and distributor who got them to you! So this year, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the numbers and logistics behind Valentine's Day because without all the behind-the-scenes work, well, the day just wouldn't be the same... View Infographic >>

A Walk Through the Office: Employees Explain What We Do

February 09, 2012
What does Bastian Solutions do? Well, we do a lot of things; everything from selling single casters to fully-automated material handling systems. Yet, when asked by strangers what Bastian does, I always struggle to come up with an all-encompassing, concise answer. So, I thought I'd see how my coworkers describe us to get some ideas... Continue Reading >>
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