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Designing a Sortation Solution: 3 Keys to Consider

September 01, 2021
The Director of Fulfillment assigns you a project to specify a new sorter and conveyor system that’s capable of ‘doubling’ current capacities. Where do you start? First, start by understanding and challenging the true sortation and system requirements. Conveyor and sortation systems are engineered solutions. Like most engineering problems, the solution is typically only as good as its inputs. Accurate data upfront ensures the solution is tailored to your individual business requirements and product specifications.

Using Virtual Reality for Material Handling System Design

November 07, 2017
Virtual reality is the next disruptive technology making its way into many different industries and applications, including material handling systems design. Learn more about BastianVR and how our team is using it to help customers visualize their system investments. Read: Virtual Reality for Material Handling System Design

Design: Step 4 in the DMADV Process for Supply Chain Improvement

July 16, 2014
In this article, we continue our review of the DMADV 5-step process for improving your supply chain. Design is step four in the process and involves leveraging the criteria, characteristics and flows developed in the “Analysis” step to look at alternative designs and technologies to create the best facility layout. Read: Design in the DMADV Process
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