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How to Select and Optimize Cost Effective Material Handling Systems

September 20, 2016
In any distribution or manufacturing operation, material must be moved from point A to point B. This movement is not free; so whether it is people, conveyors, or automated guided vehicles (AGVs) being used to transport goods, the cost to move material has a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. Read: Selecting Cost Effective Material Handling Systems

MAYDAY MAYDAY! The Art of a Well-Balanced HMI Alarm System

June 27, 2013
After purchasing a material handling system, the most beneficial tool in your arsenal for monitoring that system is the human machine interface (HMI). But within that HMI, the alarm system window is the most important component. With effective alarms, you'll be able to more quickly solve you material handling system disruptions. Read More >>

The Invisible Men of Material Handling

March 27, 2012
Upon the approach of my tenth anniversary with Bastian Solutions, I began asking myself what makes this company successful. After all, there must be some reason or reasons why I have found such satisfaction here that I have contributed a decade's worth of skill, talent, and effort toward the company's success. In answering this question, recent project experiences led me to an answer that lies partially outside of the company... Read More >>

Does Santa Claus need a Material Handling System?

December 28, 2011
When I first read through the sales coordinator job description at Bastian Solutions, a material handling system integrator, I didn't fully understand what this company did. Someone on the outside might ask what exactly a material handling system (MHS) is. While the CAD drawings (computer aided design drawings) look like they were drawn by a rocket scientist, an MHS very simply moves (handles) something (material) from point A to point B; an item is going from here to there. As I learned more about material handling systems, I thought--a silly thought I admit--that even Santa Claus would be more efficient with a conveyor system... Read More >>

No Longer a "Simple" Machine: The Advancement of the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

September 01, 2011
When you think about an Automated Guided Vehicle -- what typically comes to mind? For many, it is the simple machine used to do little more than move a part or material from one defined location to the next. While AGVs are most well-known for their use in distribution and manufacturing environments, application of the Automated Guided Vehicle has broadened during recent years to include advanced robotics technology that is no longer restricted to the industrial environment. Read More >>

The Top 10 Characteristics of a Perfect Project Manager

July 26, 2010
Having been in the trenches executing complex automated material handling systems for the last 23 years certain “lessons learned” become etched into my mind. The difference between a great project manager and a mediocre project manager directly impacts: the ability to complete the project on time, overall profitability, and most important customer goodwill... which translates to the future revenue stream with that customer. I would offer the following 10 characteristics of a perfect project manager for your consideration...
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