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Reverse Logistics & Omnichannel Returns: Maximizing Opportunity

Written By: Jeff Snyder
January 07, 2020

Today’s shoppers do not hesitate to send back items that do not meet their expectations. Modernizing the returns process has become a key objective for many retailers.

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Tackling Returns: An Online Clothing Retailer Changes the Game

Written By: Kyle McCarty
September 10, 2019

Dealing with returns and reverse logistics can be a struggle for ecommerce order fulfillment - especially in the retail and consumer goods industries. Here's how we helped one client improve their returns process.

Material handling receiving operations for product returns

Written By: Gregg Durham
June 21, 2010
I was talking to a long time client in the computer printer industry the other day and it reminded me of a problem his company was having with product returns in the receiving operation. All of his returns, about 250 boxes, would arrive on his dock at 9:30 am each day. The shipping company would take the individual boxes out of the truck one a time to be scanned for verification and just set the boxes in the receiving area where ever they could find space. As you can image, this created a huge mess with boxes all over the place sitting on the floor waiting to be processed and really hindered the receiving process for other shipments...
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Results: 3 Blog Posts found.