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Trends in Supply Chain Network Software Stack

Written By: Mike Prince
December 27, 2018

Supply chain network software tools that can help optimize inventory, facilities, and transportation - and some tips to use them.

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Reaching The Apex 2018 in Review

November 06, 2018

A review of Bastian Solutions’ Reaching the Apex 2018, a 3-day supply chain and logistics event combining education, facility tours and one-to-one consulting to take your distribution operations to the next level.

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Adopting Automation and Change Management: What to Expect and How to be Prepared

Written By: JD Stumpf
May 23, 2018
Whether its automating the picking process with goods-to-person (GTP) technology or the pack-and-ship process with tapers and print and apply, the path to a successful automation implementation can be seamless and smooth for some organizations, but also, prolonged and strenuous for others. Read: Adopting Automation and Change Management

How to Select a Warehouse Management System

Written By: Marvin Logan
February 06, 2018
WMS ReviewSearching for a new warehouse management system (WMS) can be a complicated matter. It is very important to have a plan for success before starting, and then work that plan to the best of your ability. Read: How to Select a Warehouse Management System

An Engineering Consultant’s View of ProMat

Written By: Jason Tenorio
April 27, 2017
Bastian Solutions ProMat boothProMat and Automate offered the perfect platform to see an amazing array of technologies and speak with developers first hand. For any company looking to automate, there were plenty of solutions to review and discuss. Read: A Consultant's View of ProMat

4 Benefits of Material Handling System Simulation

Written By: Tim Duket
March 08, 2017
Simulation modelingModern material handling systems employ increasingly complex hardware and software to optimize material flow and order fulfillment. As such, committing to a new design, or to modifications of an existing system, can become a daunting task. Learn how simulations can help. Read: 4 Benefits of Material Handling System Simulation

The 5-Step Decision Making Process to Improve Your Supply Chain

Written By: Marvin Logan
March 03, 2014
Warehouse Facility DesignSometimes it can be hard to make a decision. Especially when that decision will cause major changes to the status quo or cost a lot of money. So how do you know you’re making the right choice? One way is to use the proven Bastian Consulting 5-step methodology, DMADV, as your decision making process. Read: The 5-Step Decision Making Process

When Does Automating Case Storage Make Economic Sense?

Written By: Mike Clemens
March 21, 2013
Automated Storage and RetrievalOver the last few years, I have seen more client interest in automated case storage systems. While the cost justification for some of these installations was based upon very high labor costs; I think the technology costs have dropped to the point where it can have a wider application. Continue Reading >>

Change Management: 8 Tips to Successfully Implement a New Technology

Written By: Aaron Jones
June 21, 2011
Change ManagementThe world is full of companies that have excelled in their market for decades with antiquated operational methods. In fact, I continually encounter companies that have prospered for 40+ years with unchanged processes, and it's hard to argue their past success. More often than not, the leadership within these companies knows there is a more effective way to operationally function through interaction with their peer groups and other educational resources. However, there is also a culture within these companies that often chooses to leave the boat "un-rocked." Read More >>

3 Ways to Reduce Supply Chain Costs

Written By: Aaron Jones
May 18, 2011
Semi-Trailer at Loading DockWhether you believe the peak oil theory or not, the cost of crude oil continues to rise causing a major affect on a variety of supply chain costs. Last year, I listened to an economist talk about the influence of rising oil prices, and how it will change the logistics industry as we've known it in recent years. At the time I was skeptical of his predictions. Today with gasoline prices at $4.15 per gallon and rising, I'm starting to believe what he had to say. Here's why....... Read More >>
Results: 10 Blog Posts found.