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Major Trends That Will Drive Distribution Throughout the 2020s

Written By: Marvin Logan
June 13, 2019

Millennials, and their desire for choice and convenience, will drive requirements and expectations on fulfillment and logistics creating a new “on-demand ecommerce” model throughout the 2020s.

Trends Driving the Case for Distribution Center Automation

Written By: Mike Senuta
January 31, 2019

An overview of the economic and technological trends that are increasing demand (and ROI) for distribution center automation.

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Wearable Technology in the Warehouse: Picking with Vuzix Smart Glasses

Written By: Damir Kantardzic
March 10, 2015
augmented reality picking vuzixTechnology has always been a driving factor in supply chain progress and efficiency gains. The perfect example of this is the introduction of “goods-to-person” technologies over the past couple years, but as the industry is still enjoying the benefits from this technology, wandering eyes are already looking toward the next solution. One of the more promising up-and-coming technologies is wearable technology, and more specifically, smart glasses. Read: Wearable Technology for the Warehouse
Results: 3 Blog Posts found.