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The Benefits of Post-Implementation Support

Luke Sutton | 09 April 2020

The benefits of post-implementation support and how attentive involvement leads to high performance.

When minimizing downtime is critical, a 24/7/365 support package is crucial to keeping your business up and running. No system is perfect, no matter how well-designed it is, so having a reliable support system in place is vital to the success of a high performing business.

As a site supervisor on a year-long project, continual involvement is critical in every phase. Based on my experience, engagement can range from getting your hands dirty on site and handling material shipments to hosting daily progress calls with the customer. When phasing out a project of this scale, it is important to provide support both on and off the job site. Making oneself available in person or over the phone helps with transitioning after the go-live.

Integrators often find transitioning projects from the development stage into the maintenance and support phase a major challenge. To address this challenge, I implemented a 40-hour in depth training matrix during commissioning. After the initial walkthrough with the operations manager and colleagues, we dove right into the thick of things; I helped the customer gain hands on experience troubleshooting conveyors and gain an understanding of the electrical install. Through didactic teaching in a classroom setting, the customer learned how to look up container I.D. in our Exacta software and navigate the Human Machine Interface. By the end of the project, I was able to guarantee that my customer was confident in taking over the reins.

When downtime isn’t an option, Bastian Solutions support provides you with the tools and assistance to get back up and running in a timely manner.


24/7/365 Direct Support

The customer can speak directly with an engineer as soon as they call. Rather than dealing with a call center, Bastian Solutions Support provides experts at your fingertips.

Fast Turnaround Time

Downtime is very costly for the customer. Bastian Solutions Support can get you back up and running much quicker than customers without technical support.

Zendesk Tracking  System

We track problems using a ticket tracking system called Zendesk. With Zendesk, Bastian Solutions can go back through and see if the problem has ever occurred before. This leads to informed problem solving and faster solutions.

Regular Site Visits

During these visits we can observe problems in person and make prompt recommendations on how to improve their system.

Quick Response

We provide a very fast response time for problems (sometimes in a matter of minutes). Customers who opt into the 24/7/365 package will be guaranteed a place at the top of the queue. This can ensure that issues are resolved as soon as possible.

Transitioning a project from the execution phase to the support phase is a critical time period for Bastian Solutions and other integrators alike.  The customer may have additional concerns when it is time for project teams to leave the site.  These concerns often revolve around owning and operating a new system alone. Fortunately, Bastian Solutions support is here to help. We are a renowned systems integrator that will go above and beyond to guarantee customer satisfaction.


Author: Luke Sutton

Luke is a Business Development Specialist at Bastian Solutions based in Toronto, Ontario. He divides his time between business development and site supervision in Bastian Solutions. In this role he oversees large Canadian projects while working closely with National Accounts.


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