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Understanding Host System Integration with Exacta: Supply Chain Software

Bastian Solutions | 07 August 2018

Whether using a WMS, ERP or homegrown host system, Exacta Connect provides seamless integration to your automation equipment.

Implementing a material handling system as part of a supply chain strategy may involve many different types of material handling equipment to meet business requirements. To realize the system throughput needs, the various automation equipment must work together smoothly along with the system’s supply chain software and host system.

Host interfaces tend to vary widely between ERP vendors, warehouse management system vendors, and homegrown systems. Regardless of the host interface, Exacta Connect allows information to be relayed between the host system and the warehouse control system through a unified communication layer.


Import Adapter

The first step involves the host system passing information to Exacta’s import adapter. The adapter will validate that the received message is of proper structure and that it contains the necessary data. In other terms, the import adapter services will read the data sent, translate it, and insert it into Exacta’s staging tables. Standard interfaces with Exacta are typically real-time communication methods. Exacta supports a number of standard interface protocols including but not limited to: TCP/IP Sockets, web services, table-to-table communication, MSMQ message queues, ERP – specific data exchange protocols, text files.

Exacta Connect – Import

Following the import adapter, the data is sent to Exacta’s import service, commonly referred to as Exacta Connect. This service picks up the transaction and evaluates the state of orders to determine if the request can be honored.

Exacta Database

If the transaction can be fulfilled, the order will be processed through the Exacta Database. At this point, there is an array of automation options our customers can choose from, including: Goods-to-person (AutoStore, Perfect Pick, Servus), AS/RS, conveyor systems, high-speed sortation, inline scales, carousels, pick to light, etc. Whichever automated system(s) our customer selects, Exacta software is able to handle the interfaces associated with these technologies.

Exacta Connect – Export

Exacta Connect effectively buffers information to protect our customers against a loss of connection by extracting the communication from the processing of transactions. After the completion of the transaction, the data will then go through Exacta’s export known as Exacta Connect. The process is equal but opposite of the import processing described above. Exacta Connect will pick up the completed transaction and send it to the export adapter.

Export Adapter

In order to create the most efficient system, Exacta implements the proper software to effectively communicate with all of the automated equipment. Exacta provides a single, central interface to a host system by working with material handling equipment from a variety of vendors. The software has visibility to both incoming orders from the host system and orders already in process. Ultimately, Exacta Connect provides the bridge of information between a customer’s host system (WMS or ERP) and warehouse control system. This allows for synchronized, high throughput processing in your warehouse.

Author: Bastian Solutions


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