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What is a Pallet Positioner and Why Do I Need One?

Sarah Fronczak | 08 November 2018

Many customers come to Bastian Solutions looking for pallet loading and unloading solutions, but they are often unsure of what they need, especially when it comes to pallet positioners. In fact, I recently had a customer ask me, “What is the big deal with pallet positioners, and why do I need one?”  The simplest way to answer his question, is they are faster, safer and easier.

Whether you are looking to jump into material handling for the first time or looking to add to an existing system, a great place to start is a pallet positioner such as the Southworth PalletPal™ 360, which offers numerous benefits.  The PalletPal™ is an extremely helpful yet simple device designed to make loading and unloading pallets more efficient by automatically lowering or raising its platform as boxes are added or removed from pallets. Additionally, a turntable allows for nearside loading and unloading to make the entire process faster and more ergonomic.

The PalletPal™ video below shows the device in action. Take a look, and then let’s break down the benefits mentioned above.


Everyone is looking for ways to reduce process time and increase efficiency. The PalletPal™ will help complete operations in a fraction of the time it currently takes you by utilizing a turntable. The turntable allows an operator to be located at a central location with the pallet positioned at an ergonomic height. As boxes are loaded or unloaded, the operator turns the pallet load, so the loading position is at arm’s reach. This leads to the reduction of movement and fatigue allowing the operator to work at a faster and more sustained pace.



The PalletPal™ significantly reduces the risk of workplace injury. Bending motions are all but eliminated by always maintaining the pallet at an ergonomic lifting height. By reducing the operator’s need to bend and twist, he or she can complete tasks while staying in the “Power Zone,” which is statistically proven to reduce workplace injuries, especially to the neck and back.


Lifting heavy boxes off or onto a pallet is hard and monotonous work. This hard work can lead to fatigue and injury, but it also leads to employee turnover which can be as costly to an organization as injury.  The PalletPal™ significantly reduces the lifting and rotating requirements and streamlines the operation, which leads to a happier workforce.

Pallet positioners such as the PalletPal™ 360 are a great option for making simple, cost-effective improvements to your operation. However, in addition to the PalletPal™ 360, there are several other material handling equipment options to improve your pallet handling operations, such as the PalletPal™ Roll-On Level Loader and Disc Turntable.

palletpal-roll-on-level-loader-300x198Roll-On Level Loader (ROLLC)

If you only have a hand pallet truck to load pallets on and off and still need the manual turntable, then the PalletPal™ ROLLC is an option. Using hydraulic power, it lowers to floor height, so pallets can be loaded from a hand pallet truck, then using a foot switch or button, the pallet load can be lifted to an ergonomic height for manual loading and unloading operations.

palletpal-disc-turn-table-300x165Disc Turntable

If vertical load positioning is not a priority, the PalletPal™ Disc Turntable is a simple, low profile option for rotating pallet loads. By rotating, it ensures operators can load and unload from the nearest side, so an operator does not need to circle the pallet or lean over it. The turntable works with a pallet truck to provide an ergonomic pallet handling solution.

Still not sure where you should start? Take a look at our pallet handling information or contact us today. We would be happy to walk you through the options because pallet positioners offer faster, safer and easier solutions for ergonomic pallet handling.

Author: Sarah Fronczak

Sarah Fronczak is an eCommerce Account Manager at Bastian Solutions. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. Sarah has focused on Applications and Sales Engineering throughout her career so she can blend her technical background with interacting directly with all types of people with an ultimate goal of providing excellent customer service to help others perform their job more efficiently.




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