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AutoStore by Bastian Solutions

Why AutoStore by Bastian Solutions Would Be Perfect for Storing My Kids' Toys

Greg Conner | 16 March 2015

The scariest part of the weekend usually comes sometime between the hours of 1 and 3 PM each Sunday. As I write this, I can hear the footsteps of my wife approaching and soon the words my three young sons and I dread will come…It’s time to clean up the basement. We all struggle to come up with reasons why this can wait a little longer, but soon the inevitable comes, and we’re all downstairs. It’s the same each and every weekend, a room that looks closer to the aftermath of a nuclear explosion than that of a basement. The only bare surfaces anywhere to be seen are found on the shelves which resemble a Best Buy after Black Friday. Our faces all resemble uneasy kids preparing to jump off the diving board at the local swimming pool – none of us knowing quite where to start. The routine is the same each weekend. First I ask the familiar questions; How did this happen? Do any other kids in this world have toys or are they all at our house. Are we raising kids or pigs? Soon the shock wears off, and we settle into pickup mode. The drill is simply, identify the toy, figure out where it belongs and then travel across the basement to put it away. There has to be a better way to store all this stuff. So, I ask myself what I would recommend to one of my clients. It would absolutely be AutoStore by Bastian Solutions and here are 5 reason why…

The AutoStore Bins Come to the Operator

[caption id="attachment_10120" align="alignright" width="200"]Autostore Operator Pick Station AutoStore Operator Pick Station[/caption] No more hunting all over the basement looking for the correct shelving location. With AutoStore, the bins come to me. This methodology is called goods-to-person, and it is revolutionizing the material handling industry. An AutoStore system is comprised of four main components: a structural grid, delivery robots, storage bins, and an operator port. Products are stored in stacked bins within the dense aluminum grid. As a product is needed to fulfill an order, the system software and controls alert a robot to find the bin containing the item. If the bin is buried beneath other bins, a robot stages the extra bins on top of the grid until it retrieves the desired bin. It then takes that bin to the edge of the grid and delivers it to the operator fulfilling the order. As the bin is delivered, another AutoStore robot cleans up the staged bins on top of the grid by returning them to their original position.

AutoStore Takes Up Very Little Space

When we moved into our house, I remember thinking how big our basement seemed. Five years and three kids later all I see are shelves. With AutoStore, bins are stacked vertically in a grid and retrieved by robots that travel on the top layer of the system. This makes it possible for the grid to be placed around columns, on mezzanines, and on multiple levels. The system can also be easily expanded and modified because of this design. On average, it saves 40-60 percent of the space typically required for traditional storage means.

By Design, AutoStore Stores Slower Moving Bins Intelligently

Intelligent warehouse storageJust as operators in a warehouse, often times my kids have to move toys they don’t intend to play with out of the way when looking for the toy of choice. It never seems to fail, Woody and Buzz are always behind six other toys that haven’t seen interest since the Bush administration. This inefficient process is the cause of a large portion of our cleanup. AutoStore solves this problem because the system self-profiles, meaning the bins with faster moving products begin moving toward the top of the system, and bins with slower moving products transition to the bottom.

AutoStore is Secure

Currently the only way to take away toys is to move them to the top shelf. As our six year old continues to shoot up like a bean pole, this soon will no longer be an option. AutoStore, fixes this issue. Through advanced controls and easy to use software, you can prevent certain operators from accessing particular bins. The system also prevents the need for expensive fencing and other security means.

AutoStore is Fast and Reliable

Fast Storage and Retrieval SystemsCleaning up our basement is not a fast process, and my “co-workers” are anything but reliable. As the cleanup process progresses, they drop like flies. Everything from homework to illness to injury occur and pretty soon old dad is the only bot left working. AutoStore is extremely fast – delivering as many as 500+ totes per hour. The swarm technology of using multiple robots means the system is extremely reliable with uptimes in excess of 99.98%. Yes, AutoStore would be a great solution for our basement, but it’d be an even better solution for your industrial application. Give us a call today to learn more about how AutoStore by Bastian Solutions can help improve your operations. Or stop by and see it in our booth at ProMat 2015, March 23-26, booth #3953.

Author: Greg Conner

I joined Bastian Solutions in 2005 after graduating from Purdue University. My first role was as a project engineer before transitioning to a field application engineer. After seven years, I became regional director of Indiana, overseeing all local FAEs as well as Bastian Solutions’ e-commerce business. In 2016, I was promoted to Vice President, Eastern U.S. where I oversaw sales and operations for all Eastern U.S. offices. In 2019, I was promoted to Vice President of Global Sales, now overseeing international operations and global marketing.


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