What is it like working for Bastian Solutions?


Milos Losic
Commissioning Engineer

"I enjoy working for Bastian Solutions because of the opportunities that are available. This includes traveling to new places, learning about the newest technology, and interacting with coworkers who have different perspectives from my own. There is nothing better than the satisfaction of solving an issue that you’ve been scratching your head at for a while. It’s that “ah-ha” moment in the middle of the night that makes you pull out your phone and write an idea down."


Sam Smart
Business Process Analyst

"Bastian Solutions is a place where if you come in with great ideas and a good attitude, you will be heard, and you can make a difference. I often tell people that I have the best job in the software department because I get to introduce and train our customers on software and automation that will drastically change how they work. It’s extremely rewarding to see trainees get excited about how the new software will transform their business and to teach them how to best utilize their system. "




Zach Hsu
Project Engineer

"I love the amount of responsibility Bastian Solutions gives you. As a fresh out of college graduate, the amount of exposure and trust the team gives you is amazing. From being able to work with a team, learning and growing with a close-knit Bastian Solutions family is pretty incredible. The most rewarding part is at the end of the project - seeing all your hard work pay off and seeing the team and customer both satisfied with how the go live went."


Taylor Michel
Automation Engineer

"With my time at Bastian Solutions, I have had incredible opportunities to travel and see cutting-edge technology and facilities. Engineers at other companies may only work behind a desk and everything they design will only be theoretical or exist in a simulation. I can walk out to our shop floor and physically see what I helped create. Everyone is extremely friendly, and we all find ways to have fun together when working on projects. "




Eric Smith
Computer Vision Engineer

"Being at Bastian allows me to work on the technical AI subjects that I learned about in graduate school. I'm not sure I could find this experience anywhere else."


Kevin Doyle
Design Engineer

"The most rewarding part of my job is getting to see a piece of equipment or a system start moving for the first time. I like working at Bastian Solutions because we really embrace the challenging parts of our industry and try to tackle them head on. We are a company that offers diverse solutions to almost every corner of the industry and we are constantly innovating new ways to be competitive and successful at what we do."




Dylan O'Gara
Software Developer

"Working at Bastian has been amazing, from the culture of the team to the type and variety of work I get to do. Being part of a company that is constantly designing custom solutions for new clients also means there are always new problems to solve."


Allen Hooton
Controls Commissioning Engineer

"Working at Bastian Solutions has been a match made in heaven. There has never been a moment I haven't felt challenged. There is a clear career development plan, and it is easy to progress and know what challenges are ahead."




Taylor Cheatham
Robotics Intern

"What I like best about working here is that no two days are the same. Every project is unique and brings new challenges. Bastian's corporate culture encourages strong interpersonal relationships and a productive, fast-paced work environment."


Garrett Wight
Automation Engineering Intern

"Bastian has allowed me to explore sales, design, build, and implementation of custom automation systems. The experience I have gained has allowed me to develop my personal and engineering skills."