Chrysler Motors

Machine Tending for Tempering Furnace

Business Objectives

  • Robot must handle four (4) different sizes of parts similar in shape but unique in size
  • Oven conveyor shrinks/stretches with temperature 
  • Sensors must be used to find exact position of oven conveyor in order to accurately pick parts
Chrysler Motors

Machine Tending Robots Improve System Efficiency

 Bastian Solutions was sub-contracted by Aichelin Heat Treatment to provide robotic machine tending to a tempering furnace within Chrysler Motors’ Kokomo, Indiana transmission plant.


Key Technologies

  • Two (2) Fanuc M-10iA six-axis Machine Tending Robots
  • Custom End of Arm Tooling (Schunk 3 jaw grippers with gripper fingers designed by Bastian Robotics)
  • Bastian Robotics Controls
  • EWAB Conveyor
  • Aichelin tempering furnace
Robotic Machine Tending

Robotic Machine Tending Cell


See the results

  • Work cell meets all Chrysler Kokomo specifications, including programming styles/names, hardware used, wiring procedures, drawing sets, paint colors, etc
Machine Tending Robots

Machine Tending Robot


Photos of our solution

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