Trace Die Cast

Machine Tending Case Study

Business Objectives

  • Automate the machine tending process
  • Accept parts that are put into the system in a variety of positions and locations
  • Must handle parts with extreme precision
Trace Die Cast

Trace Die Cast Automates Machine Tending Process with Robotics

For its Bowling Green, Kentucky facility, Trace turned to Bastian Robotics to help them automate their machine tending process.


Key Technologies

  • FANUC M-20iA Machine Tending Robot
  • iRVision Vision Guidance
  • Custom Part-Gripping End of Arm Tool
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Specialized Product Conveyors
Machine Tending Robot

Machine Tending Robot


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Eliminates human error from the operation

Allowed for the removal of one operator per shift while making the remaining operators’ jobs significantly easier

System is capable of accurately handling parts regardless of orientation or position

Robotic Machine Tending Cell

Specialized Product Outfeed Conveyor


Photos of our solution

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